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Dear Heart-Centered Woman,

You are giving and sensitive. You are wonderful at giving other people your time, energy, and attention.  You are an amazing friend and trusted team member.  You make people feel great about themselves. You always put your heart out there for everyone.

And yet, even though you are so loving and so people-focused, you are not attracting results that you love in your love life.  You are not experiencing relationship bliss.  You may even feel like your musings about love are foolish and that “relationship bliss” does not even exist.  In times like this, you may even feel it is best to just stay single or settle for less than what you want.

Let me assure that relationship bliss does exist! As a Love Psychic, I get to see and experience love miracles on a daily basis.  I am committed to serving you in healing their hearts and creating your own version of relationship bliss.

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  • Three love myths, or relationship-sabotaging illusions, that are blocking you from receiving love
  • How soul-leveling healing can help you create relationship bliss
  • Practical action steps to put into your life immediately so that you can enlighten your love life, heal your heart, and create relationship bliss

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Sending you blessings of love and relationship success!!

Bee Loving Bee Wise,


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“When I first reached out to Lauren, I was damaged emotionally. I felt empty and like my heart and soul had been torn apart. Lauren helped me heal my heart, and I developed self-love and confidence quickly. My relationships are SO much better now, and I even tripled my income!” -Sara, Illinois

How do you want to make over your love life?

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Ready to leave your relationship? Watch this video first!

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Hi loving heart-centered renegades! To listen to the audio version click here! This is my favorite quote right now. (BTW- I do not know who originally created this powerful phrase.  It is simply something that has touched my heart deeply.  Before I go any further, I want to give a shout out and send some love to the inspiring person who brought this into being.  If you happen to know who this originally belonged to—please let me know!) Truthfully, when we choose to no longer think for ourselves, we stop the flow of love in our lives. Why? Because LOVE is a creative energy.  It comes from our souls’ to our hearts in the form of intuition, emotion, and dreams. When we make love-based choices, we create endless possibilities and manifest results that we love. The problem is that when…

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If you feel alone and lost in love, I have just the thing!

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Lately, I have had many conversations with loving, heart-centered people who feel hurt.  They feel like they are unlucky in love and like their hearts and loved ones have betrayed them. The truth is matters of the heart can be the most draining.  When we feel hurt, betrayed, or abandoned, our heart is communicating to us that it needs healing.  When we go through life with a broken heart, we may find that nothing is working in our favor.  Even though we know that we are not helpless and hopeless, we still may still feel like we do not have a choice. When we feel powerless in our circumstances, we are actually withholding love from ourselves.  This can manifest in the following ways: We numb out or disengage from others. We stop speaking our truth and acting upon our desires.…

Empower yourself to receive love!

Empower yourself to receive love!

Jul 15 2015

Working with spiritually conscious women on manifesting their own versions of relationship bliss is one of my favorite things to do. Through working with my gorgeous clients, I realized that there are two ingredients that every woman must embrace before she is successful in manifesting her own version of relationship bliss The first is she must heal her heart. The second is she must make new choices. This combination is one of complete empowerment and love.  One does not have to happen before the other. Each happens sequentially. This process of manifesting your dream relationship merges your Divinity with your humanity. When you can harness the power of your soul and realize your own strength, you have healed! When you heal your heart, you experience your soul’s true essence reflected back to you in your love life. You must be…

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