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Being Opinionated VS Being Judgmental: My Opinion

Feb 21 2013

Having an opinion is NOT the same as being judgmental. Forming an opinion comes through practicing introspection and discernment. It allows me to check in with me on where I am on certain issues. Whenever I take a strong stance on something, I scan the opinion for judgment. Before we continue, let’s define judgment and how it relates to forming opinions. Judgment really supports us in being aware of how we choose to view the world. If something seems “wrong” to us then we are judging it as such. We can then choose NOT to accept what the other person’s opinion is offering us. When I go into judgment—as we all do, I first acknowledge that I have had a strong reaction to something. This tells me that either I am in full agreement or absolute disagreement. I know this…

Let’s Throw Out the Rule Book!

Feb 18 2013

So often in my life have I been scared and uncertain. I looked to other people to guide me. I was afraid of making a mistake. I was afraid of being judged. And guess what? What I have found is that trying too hard makes it incredibly difficult to be “noticed.” Do I really want to be known as a nice and compliant and OBEDIENT person?  Not really, no. In fact, doing so would be boring and NOT BECAUSE being nice is boring but only because being “nice” would lack flavor. Yes, I am loving. Yes, I am empathetic. Yes, I really REALLY care, but you know what else?  I am spicy! And sometimes, I am a little messy! I may color outside the lines and have awful handwriting. To anyone who has ever been witness to my “nice” handwriting,…

On Being and Bees

Feb 10 2013

  The verb “to be” in the English language tells us who we ARE, tells me who you ARE, and lets me express who I AM. The beauty of “to be” is that it creates the energetic qualities that we are working with in any given moment. The being-ness of life allows us to be who we ARE. We are not doing anything. We just  ARE. We are who we are in the given present moment.  This is why the expression “I am who I am,” a mantra I often use while meditating reminds me that each moment reflects to me the energetic qualities that I AM taking into the current situation. I am who I am. Is my world loving and peaceful? Is it chaotic and contentious? Do I experience myself as powerful or AM I a victim to…