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Keeping it Simple- Creating Wholeness & Wellness with Universal Law

May 21 2013

Whether we know it or not, each of us—as spiritual beings inside human bodies—are subject to Universal Law. These are the Truths that we cannot escape. These are the Truths that allow us to have the experience of our external circumstances. When we are conscious of these Truths, we get to apply them to our lives to create our desired external circumstances. What is an external circumstance?  These are the ways in which we can describe our lives to ourselves and others. An external circumstance can be any of the following: status of health within our physical and emotional bodies degree of satisfaction that we experience in our relationships state of our finances state of our fulfillment in our chosen profession ways in which we choose to express ourselves quality of how we feel about ourselves and other people In…

Tending to Details & Making a Mess

May 02 2013

There are some people in this world who are excellent planners. These are the people who can map everything out for you and deliver a beautifully flawless product/project. These people are extremely gifted in bringing grace and harmony to all of us, and guess what? I AM NOT ONE OF THESE PEOPLE! Not at all! Although, I will truthfully say that I am extremely grateful for these people, because without them: our world would lack order, grace, and beauty. Thankfully, through my intuitive work and studies in Soul Realignment/Akashic Records as a professional Healer & Psychic, I am acutely aware of what I am and what I am not. This allows me to love, appreciate, and celebrate myself and others all of the more. This attitude of gratitude and acceptance extends to how I show up in my relationships, my…