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Could you be your own matchmaker?

Oct 24 2013

The state of a person’s love life is very telling. Looking in the love life mirror, sometimes we do not like what we see. Maybe we see that the mirror is completely empty. All we see is ourselves. We cannot even complain about a partner, because a partner is not there. In the love life mirror, all we see is ourselves. Now, given that we’ve said that we want to manifest a satisfying love life and given that we have manifested the opposite of that, we could choose to judge ourselves. We may even blame other people! But there is another option. It is the choice of whether or not we could stand to be our own matchmaker. Just think about it for a moment: if you were a friend of yours, would you want to be set you up…

The Love Life Mirror Effect

Oct 18 2013

There is a practice known as mirroring. Whenever we critically look at the circumstances of our lives and take the information that we find to make changes in our lives to get results that we love, we are looking in the mirror. Since I am an Intuitive Relationship Coach, Love Psychic, & Healer, I love working with people on taking a nice long look into their love life mirror. What does your love life look like?  If you were to compare your love life to a date, what would it be? For the sake of example, would it be a dance party with plenty of interesting characters to interact? A romantic evening by the fireplace with a bottle of wine? Would you describe it as comfortable— maybe it is the predictable dinner and movie? (In the case of dinner and…