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Using Gratitude to Manifest Your Dream Love Life

Nov 29 2013

Find Your Relationship Hell Archetype

Nov 12 2013

What is relationship hell? Simply put, relationship hell is the opposite of relationship bliss. Relationship bliss refers to a relationship that satisfies us on all levels! It is loving, joyful, connected, and fulfilled. Relationship hell refers to the exact opposite of that!! And it can look a number of different ways!

[Video] Love Life Mirror Lessons: What are you Putting into your Love Life

Nov 04 2013

Here is a short video where we look deep within the Love Life Mirror and shed light on reasons pertaining to why we may not be manifesting the type of relationship that we want. See, sometimes we say we want a relationship that is based on love, trust, and respect. Well, we might have problems manifesting that ideal relationship if we are not coming from a place of love, trust, and respect. In this short video, I give a practical real life example and talk about how your thoughts, feelings, and actions in regard to your relationship might be preventing you from having what you want in a relationship! Enjoy, but be warned! You might feel a little uncomfortable when watching this video. I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this and I would love to support…