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Is Your Sensitivity Working Against You?

Sep 17 2014

You are so heart-centered. You feel so deeply. You worry so much about hurting other peoples’ feelings. You do not want to cause anyone pain. You are always thinking about the highest good…And yes, these are beautiful gifts, but what about you?  Where do YOU fit into your decision-making process? Sometimes being so sensitive and heart-centered is not all it is cracked up to be. We can become so tuned into how other people feel and what other people want us to do that we stand the chance of losing sight of our own feelings and aspirations! When was the last time you made a tough choice where you felt like you were letting someone down? If you chose to stay in a situation because you did not want to let anyone down or because you said that you would…

Are You in Love With Suffering?

Sep 09 2014

I know how hard you work on yourself. You are constantly looking for ways in which you can love yourself more, be more kind to yourself and others, and improve your life. You are looking at life for meaning and sometimes it might seem really, REALLY hard to move forward. You long to see the love that you have in your own heart reflected all around you, but sometimes is just so hard. You may wonder why with all of the hard work that you are doing, that you still continue to experience the same heart-breaking results.  It is painful to constantly experience inner turmoil and suffering. In times like these, you may shrug off or laugh about your own problems. You may see them as insignificant by telling yourself that at least you are not starving or that your…

Daydream Your Way to Relationship Bliss!

Sep 05 2014

When you look into the Love Life Mirror, have you ever not liked what you saw or felt like you were missing out in some way?  Has it ever felt like everyone else around you was creating all sorts of awesome-ness in their love lives, but when you looked at your own, you somehow felt lacking? In these tough times, have you ever tried to tell yourself that—even though it TOTALLY did NOT seem like it—that you were “happy” and “grateful” for everything that you had? And just as soon as you said this to yourself, did you immediately feel like you had lied to yourself to make yourself feel better? And then instantly in realizing this, you immediately felt an intense longing for something deeper and more fulfilling in your love life? If you answered yes to any of…