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What’s the Point of Waiting?

Nov 26 2014

Are you waiting for permission?  Waiting for an invitation? Waiting to make sure that it is safe for you to have what you want? You are not alone! So many of us wait to manifest what we want and so many of us do not know why. Whatever your reasons, waiting is always a way of justifying why you cannot have what you want right now. Sound familiar? Let’s shed light on the waiting game! The year is coming to an end. Everything you have worked toward is coming to a close. If the world just ended tomorrow and you got to look back on everything in your life up until this month, would you be satisfied? Would you feel like you had at least worked toward everything that you desired? Or would there be emptiness? Would there be longing?…

Is love a necessity or a luxury?

Nov 13 2014

When we go through heartbreak, a lot of emotions bubble up. For some of us, the loudest emotion might be resentment. We feel like we have given so much and received a big fat energy drain of un-appreciation and being taken advantage of in return! There are feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. We feel that if we had been better, done more, or listened to our inner wisdom, things would be different. There is also anger. We feel like it has to be—must be—the other person’s fault. Sometimes we might even feel like our lives would be perfect if the other person just loved us like we loved them! And sometimes, the anger is even directed at ourselves.  And from there, as the self-loathing and anger ensue, we are left with a feeling of worthlessness. We may beat ourselves up,…