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Are You Suffering from a Fear of Intimacy?

Jan 27 2015

Seriously, when I hear the phrase about someone having “a fear of intimacy,” I get a flashback to a 70s Singles Bar in New York City. And get this: I was not even alive yet nor ever made it to New York City until I was in my 20s! But I digress…Seriously, intimacy is crucial to the success of every relationship—especially when we strive to have a relationship that reflects our soul’s true essence. This video sheds light on why many of us—not just the person we are in a relationship with or have been on a few dates with—has a fear of intimacy. (And I also let you know what you can do about it!)   To really examine what is holding you back in your relationships and to really look within on how you can heal your heart…

Who are you and what do you stand for?

Jan 21 2015

As a Love Psychic, I get to work with the most sensitive and heart-centered of women. I get to assist them in creating their own personal version of relationship bliss. But what I have found is that often, the most dynamic of women do not even know how to answer these two questions. These beautiful and insightful women may fumble and feel at a loss for words. They may wonder, “What am I supposed to say?” They may ask themselves and me, “What is the right answer?” The funny thing is that many of these amazing women are highly conscious. Usually, they have already done a lot of therapeutic healing and maybe even transformational work. In other words, they know how to communicate what they *think I want to hear. And this is the problem. This is the source of…

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Jan 08 2015

Think back to your most recent breakup. Was it a breakup with your romantic partner? Or did your breakup include cutting cords with a friend, business colleague, or circumstance? For the intents and purposes of this post, a breakup can constitute as feeling when a situation or circumstance or relationship with another has run its course and the action involved in removing yourself from the person or circumstance. What were your reasons for your breakup? Did you feel drained or hopeless? Did you feel that your values were no longer aligned? Sometimes, it may also just be a function of outgrowing the circumstance and yearning to experience something new. Many of us—especially those of us that are highly sensitive—find that breaking up is one of the most unpleasant things that we can do.  We worry about how the person (or…