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Are you feeling better?

Mar 16 2015

Does any of this sound familiar? You are a beautifully sensitive person. Your heart runs deep.  You feel and understand things in a way that most people do not. This is a beautiful gift that you rarely experience as a gift at all. Instead, sometimes you feel isolated. You feel empty. You feel like you wear the pain of the world on your back. It might even be hard to get out of bed sometimes. And then other times, you feel like you are so in synch and in tune with everyone around you. You dance to the breath of the Universe and you move to the beat of Divine timing—meeting the right people at the right time, creating heart-connections everywhere you go, and being deeply and profoundly creative. In your heart and in your soul, you know love. You…

How committed are you to you?

Mar 10 2015

Do you ever feel like you have no control over your intimate relationships?  Do you feel like no matter how hard you try that nothing ever seems to change in your love life? In your world, are people givers or takers? Do your romantic partners tend to be givers or takers? These are very important questions to ask yourself because your answers can give you immediate insight into what you are attracting in your romantic relationships.  These questions are asked—not to ensure a complaining extravaganza—but to shed light on something very sacred: your love life. Our love life and romantic relationships are highly sacred. They provide insight into: How we feel about ourselves How we see the world Our self-worth Our confidence levels And really, if our intimate relationships are out of order, then it is highly probable that we…

Why are you suffering in your love life?

Mar 04 2015

So tell me, why are you suffering in your love life? Is it because of the people you attract?  In this video, you will definitely find the NUMBER ONE reason that is holding you back!