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My dream guy is nowhere to be found!

May 16 2015

Question: How can I attract the man I really want—without having to compromise—because he is nowhere to be found! Answer: Watch Lauren’s answer in this video!

Love Is My Favorite Subject

May 16 2015

From the time I was really young, LOVE has always been my favorite subject. I remember in elementary school, my friends and I would talk about the boys we had crushes on. We would get all googly-eyed about how maybe—just maybe—one of these crushes would put all of his allowance aside and just buy us butterfly rings—or whatever pretty jewelry was being pitched during our favorite TGI shows. After a myriad of combined love interests and crushes and short-lived relationships, my friends and I found ourselves in middle school and high school. Now, matters of the heart were even more crucial than ever! We simply had to keep talking, and we even created a secret code to discuss all of our love life happenings! This code allowed us to talk about our latest love interests whether we were talking on…

Suffering from poor me syndrome?

May 16 2015

Are you feeling drained? Is nothing that you are doing turning out the way you want? Are you ready to for some sweet relief and something real and long-lasting in love, but you cannot help but feel like the relationship world is against you sometimes? While it might be hard to admit, you are not getting results that you want and you cannot seem to stop feeling like everything love-related is more trouble than it is worth. You may have even put a lot of effort into having your dream relationship. You have done all of the right things, said of all the right things, and sometimes you even make some progress. But then…there are other times— the times when you feel overwhelmed, tired, and OVER IT! These are times when you find yourself banging your head against the wall.…