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Empaths: Know When You are Being Taken Advantage of!

Jun 25 2015

In this week’s segment of Ask Lauren, a beautiful soul named Luna reaches out with the following questions: What tools can I use to help decipher when I am being taken advantage of—as an empath—in a relationship? What is my responsibility in someone’s path? In my response to Luna, I channel Universal Love and Wisdom to deliver an answer that aligns with the Laws of Creation and allows Luna (and you) to set boundaries and create your own version of relationship bliss with love, healing, and empowered confidence. Please comment below. I am always looking forward to assisting you on your own journey of creating relationship bliss.   If you would like your own question answered, you can submit it here.

The Secret to Finding True Love

Jun 03 2015

Have you ever asked yourself, the Universe, or a psychic when you would ever find true love? In this segment of Ask Lauren the Love Psychic, Lauren sheds light on this question and gives a revealing answer—a secret—that will allow you to connect with your inner wisdom, heart, and soul on how you can create your ideal relationship. Watch the video below to experience Lauren’s answer to this timeless question.