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Fall in Love, NOT IN LINE!

Aug 24 2015

Hi loving heart-centered renegades! To listen to the audio version click here! This is my favorite quote right now. (BTW- I do not know who originally created this powerful phrase.  It is simply something that has touched my heart deeply.  Before I go any further, I want to give a shout out and send some love to the inspiring person who brought this into being.  If you happen to know who this originally belonged to—please let me know!) Truthfully, when we choose to no longer think for ourselves, we stop the flow of love in our lives. Why? Because LOVE is a creative energy.  It comes from our souls’ to our hearts in the form of intuition, emotion, and dreams. When we make love-based choices, we create endless possibilities and manifest results that we love. The problem is that when…

Love Misconceptions that May Disgust You

Aug 18 2015

Attention all heart-centered rebels! There is something that needs to be brought to everyone’s attention immediately.  It goes deeper than the awareness of all the BS that inundates us on a constant basis. Usually, I can brush obnoxious misconceptions under the rug and go on with my life, but when it comes to illusions about LOVE, a fire just ignites in me!  As a Love Psychic and Heart-Centered Renagade, I see it as my duty to disrupt, dismantle, and challenge these fake truths! Watch the video below where I take on an absolutely ridiculous misconception about love.

If you feel alone and lost in love, I have just the thing!

Aug 07 2015

Lately, I have had many conversations with loving, heart-centered people who feel hurt.  They feel like they are unlucky in love and like their hearts and loved ones have betrayed them. The truth is matters of the heart can be the most draining.  When we feel hurt, betrayed, or abandoned, our heart is communicating to us that it needs healing.  When we go through life with a broken heart, we may find that nothing is working in our favor.  Even though we know that we are not helpless and hopeless, we still may still feel like we do not have a choice. When we feel powerless in our circumstances, we are actually withholding love from ourselves.  This can manifest in the following ways: We numb out or disengage from others. We stop speaking our truth and acting upon our desires.…