3 Words Removed with 3 Words Restored

March 4, 2013

mimi_carThere are three words that always seem to create this rebellious urge in me. When I hear them, I totally want to flip everyone off and yell! OK, so maybe I am being a bit dramatic and exaggerating just a tad—And yes, I realize that this may not sound very “spiritual,” but you know what? I am totally OK with that! Why? Because so many of our little social customs that we were forced to conform to growing up make absolutely NO SENSE!

And this insight and willingness to express this comes from a place of LOVE! Without fear, I choose to shed light on these ridiculous customs! The whole matter of doing things because “this is how it is” or “this is always how things has been done” really ignites something in me! As does this matter of really caring about what someone in authority thinks—and maybe this “someone” is a political or religious or cooperate leader—or maybe this someone is a parent or uncle or aunt or some outspoken peer who holds a loud point-of-view that is quite different from your own! Well, whoever this person is, that person is not YOU! (Or in my case, ME!) What I mean is that this person has no REAL authority over you!

So why do so many of quell up and play “follow the leader,” and in effect, choose oppression? Is it because we cannot think for ourselves to see it as such?  Many of us are no longer children! (And yes, the inner child attitude is a great one to have, but that is not what we are talking about right now!) OK, so as children, we suppress who we are because we experience the effects of making our parents unhappy. Maybe we were spanked, admonished, or grounded and maybe teachers sent to the corner? These were all mechanisms to punish our “disobedience” and get us to comply and conform. And yes, some of them serve a purpose. I mean it is gross to chew with your mouth open, but having a VISION or a DREAM and then CHOOSING not to follow it because it does not fit into how you were raised or what you were supposed to do?!?  THAT IS OPPRESSION and obedience at its finest! And while I accept that this happens, I choose to embrace another way of doing life!

(And then the flip side of this is choosing to be “disobedient.” In my opinion, this is a worthless word because it has the word obey in it. As spiritual beings, we all have free will! We all have the same connection to a Higher Power and we all have access to the CHOICE to be our own authority! There is nothing to OBEY! The choice of following the laws of nature and Universal Law is only in the highest good of all! When we do this, everybody wins!)

And now let’s chat about this whole notion of patience. I personally have a big problem with this word because it allows me to procrastinate on taking action on my vision and dreams and anything that is of value and importance to me. Yes, the Divine is always with us. Working with the Divine through prayer supports us in taking action on making our dreams happen! And to me, “being patient” allows me to be stuck. Instead of being patient, I advise us all to practice introspection. Perhaps we are not getting what we want because we are afraid to connect with what we want. Maybe we only allow ourselves to dream for whatever seem attainable in the moment. Sure, dreams are dreams. And they happen only when we make a grounded decision and wise choice to make it happen! And one of my favorite spiritual teachers—the woman who taught me Reiki told me that when I pray for patience, I am really just inviting chaos into my life— who wants that?!)

My name is Lauren. I am a Love Psychic and a Healer. I have vibrant health. I am in impeccable shape emotionally and physically. I no longer take the asthma medication that I thought I would be on for my entire life. I am in a committed, passionate, and loving relationship with my husband. I have restored and healed relationships with family members and loved ones. And you know what else? I love, appreciate, and accept myself! I exhibit this love through t814532027311aking action on what is important to me!  I make great decisions and wise choices grounded in love and common sense. When I reconnect with who I am, I release what no longer served me, and I reclaim my life! I want the same for you!

I invite you to take me up on my offer of a FREE 30-40 minute Inner Wisdom & Heart Connection Breakthrough Session! Here, we will talk about your vision, dreams, and what you want! In this, you have the possibility of gaining insight into what is holding you back! This is your first step toward reconnecting, releasing, and reclaiming! And while you are at it, please check out my birthday promotion special investment offer video!

Thank you and MUCH LOVE to all of you! My email address is lauren@beelovingbeewise.com.

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Even spiritual people need to vent, even cuss sometimes, we are human! It is impossible to be totally spiritually perfect here on this plane, and that’s ok!


As long as we are being authentic and standing for what we believe to be true in our heart then yes, cussing and say it “screw it to being patient” is just fine by me!


Sometimes being patient means allowing someone or some situation to affect us negatively, (like someone who is offensive or insulting), why should we be patient with that?! We are not door mats.


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