A ‘Meaty’ Decision

March 14, 2013
My husband, a VEGAN feast, and me!

My husband, a VEGAN feast, and me!

I have been vegetarian for the past three years. This was one of the main choices through which I have always deemed as being wise and in the highest good of all beings everywhere. I did not cast judgement on others for eating meat—at least not in an aggressive way—but for myself, I could not justify the thought of flesh rotting inside my body or the thought of cows crying before they were slaughtered. I also believed it was the smallest—and by smallest, I mean easiest—contribution I could make to healing our planet.

For the last three years, I have totally thrown myself into vegetarian and vegan cooking. I have enjoyed learning about nutrition from a vegetarian and vegan perspective. I loved how great I felt physically. I really did not feel like my choice to have a meat-free life was hurting anyone…until I had my birthday and then I realized that my “compassionate” choice was hurting me.

And please, I know. I used to roll my eyes inwardly and “patiently” answer people’s questions about my personal choice of not eating meat. I would deal with them asking me what on Earth I ate. Did I only eat salad and peanut butter-and-jelly? I would patiently sit there and listen to their opinions on how it was not healthy and how could it possibly be tasty and satisfying? And it kind of drove me crazy…

In short, I faced what many vegetarians and vegans face when dealing with judgements about their chosen eating habits.  When addressing the “concerns” that meat-eaters had for me, I would brush over the health component, but for me, it was mostly about the “compassionate” side of life. Usually, my verbal reasoning—which was really just a gentle emotional plea—would stop the conversation. They could not exactly “convince” me out of such a strong ethical and emotional stance. I would cope with this by cooking for people. I wanted to “prove” to them how delicious and nutritious vegetarian cooking could be. And I got many rave reviews on some of my culinary masterpieces. It was one way to physically show my loved ones how much they mattered to me. I was able to apply my compassionate principles to my daily life and share them with my family in a way that was gentle and grounded in love.

This went on for three years…

Now, my husband and I recently moved to Western Pennsylvania. We live in a small city called Johnstown that is notorious for having “horrible” Winters. This little “fact” seems to even be a point-of-pride among the locals here. I would not call the Winters “horrible” per-say, but I will say that it is most definitely Winter! Living through a real Winter has been a spiritual experience for me. I learned the beauty of introspection and contemplation at another level. Winter has allowed me to once again revisit everything that I thought was true.

So then, it happened. I escaped the last bit of Winter when I came to Texas to visit my family the week of my birthday. In El Paso, Texas, everyone was enjoying bright skies and warm weather. I literally felt myself transform and revitalize my life to meet the urgency and joy of Spring. During this time, I realized how much my intuition had increased. Information was coming to me. This information was practical and something I could immediately take action on. It was clear and concise.

Well one evening after creating an Akashic Record Reading through Soul Realignment for my client, I stayed in the Library just a bit longer. I wanted to talk to my own Spirit Guide Team. Of course, I have been in communication with them before. I know that most of intuitive insight comes from them or my Wise Sage, but this time was different. I stated my intention to them by telling them what I wanted to manifest in my life. Then, it happened:

“Eat meat. Eat red meat.”

The information came in as clear as it possibly could, and it was not pleasing to me! I had not asked about health! What did red meat have to do with anything? And besides, I was vegetarian!! I did not eat DEAD ANIMALS! My Spirit Guides sensed my resistance and gently asked me to flip to a specific page in a book (Carolyn Myss’ “Why People Don’t Heal and How they Can”) that was stashed away in my backpack for airport reading. So I went to the page and my eyes fell upon the words, “red meat.” I was disgusted, excited, and intrigued. Then, I read the context from which the words originated.

It was a story about this man who was an avid vegetarian chef and gardner. He loved our beautiful planet and was dedicated to saving it through his compassionate lifestyle–which was largely attributed to his diet and garden. Well, this man manifested cancer in body. There was no medical reason for it. He went to many healers who all asked him to eat red meat. He blatantly refused and he DIED!

Now, the whole point of this was not about death or cancer for me, but my Spirit Guides totally slapped me! The point of the story was that physical health is not the same as having a strong spiritual practice…So, the next day, I decided I would eat take the advice of my Spirit Guides and eat meat. Of course, I could have chosen the opposite. That would have been totally fine, but I trusted the recommendation.

But anyway, I ordered a filet mignon that was medium rare at the restaurant the next day. I felt so awkward ordering it. When my steak arrived, I excused myself from the table and I went into the bathroom to cry. I did not want my family to deal with this. But I felt really guilty and I pictured the cow crying before it died. But then it hit me…If I was being guided to eat meat by souls who truly invested in my WHOLE human life—my Spirit Guide Team—they were showing me something greater than just the surface of things. I was changing and evolving at both the spiritual and physical levels. And here I was, being totally dramatic about something that signified a really good thing!!

So I went back to the table. I prayed over my food and I thanked the animal and everyone who took part in getting this beautiful cut of meat to me. I took my first bite and WOW! I had forgotten that steak used to be one of my favorite foods. It all came flooding back. I had to take some breaks from eating the meat to reconnect with my choice for having eaten it.

I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and what I thought was right do something that was in my highest good at that moment. 

There is no right. There is only truth.

Sometimes something that totally worked for me before may not always work in every situation and circumstance.

I am open and accepting.

When I finished my steak, I felt a surge of energy travel through my body. I felt more alert than I had in a while.

  • Now am I a meat-eater now? At my own discretion.
  • Will I order steak often—as in once a week? Not likely.
  • Do I still prefer a plant-based diet? Yes.
  • But am I willing to change and evolve? I am!


So, here is the thing. My greatest reason for not eating meat was based in compassion. It was another manifestation of a behavior that I set a mindful intention of shifting. See, as a healer, I sometimes have the tendancy to put other people ahead of me. I am so acutely aware of other people’s feelings and needs, that in the past: I would forget to address my own. So for me the choice to eat meat was a way of saying that I matter. I really believe in my heart that my physical body needed whatever dead animal flesh can give the body that I was not getting from my healthful vegetarian diet or the supplements I take. At one point in my life, I was guided NOT to eat meat and now things have shifted.

I am flexible and flowing. (This is an affirmation given to me by Louise Hay in her book, “You Can Heal Your Life.”)

So yes, connecting with my Higher Self and my Spirit Guides—with my inner wisdom/Wise Sage has set my life in motion. I have made positive shifts and changes within my physical body—I no longer have asthma or allergies and in restoring the relationship with myself. From this, I have experienced this love extend to my relationship with my husband. I making shifts and changes and totally loving life!!

If you want to connect with your Wise Sage and Spirit Guides, what are waiting for? The initial Soul Profile Reading and Clearing through Soul Realignment yields the very strong possibility of you healing and reclaiming your life! Your connection to your inner wisdom can support you in making great decisions and manifesting love within and around you! Please check out my services and packages for options on how you can get started and/or maintain the healing work and transformation work that you have been doing. 

Contact me at lauren@beelovingbeewise.com to get started today! Even if you do not know what you want, we can totally discuss your wants and needs and devise a plan together! :-) 







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Wow Lauren, awesome story! Thank you for sharing such an intimate & truthful experience. You truly are amazing! :)


You are so welcome, Neorah! We are all mirrors of each other. Blessings to you!

Felicia Helianthus
March 14, 2013 11:31 am

Lauren, this is perfect. Something very similar happened to me! For many reasons I was vegetarian and vegan for five years myself. Some of my reasons were based on animal cruelty (modern factory farming methods), some of them were environmental (greenhouse gases and water contamination due to the same factory farming), many were for health reasons and I wanted to be gentle to my body and my colon, Some of them were ideals of a yogic diet (at one point I thought I could be a breathairian), and I also have just always loved embracing what the vegetable kingdom has to offer. I studied vegan and vegetarian nutrition of all kinds, applied it to my daily life, and I stood strong in my stance. Then many signs all came to me telling me to eat meat, The first one was stumbling across the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. She speaks about the fact that no civilization has every existed that has not included animal fats and proteins in their diet for VERY IMPORTANT reasons. It got me thinking. Then in an Ayurveda book I read that those who are Vata constitutions (which we both totally are) sometimes benefit from the grounding density of meat. It sort of helps to balance us out. Thirdly, I moved to a farm where I did strenuous physical work for many hours a day and I did not have enough sprouts and greens to support that sort of labor. I felt weak, sometimes just off in the clouds( a common feeling for Mission Realmers I suppose.) Then it was my turn to learn how to slaughter and butcher a chicken. I knew that this was a sacred and honorable task. I would help the spirit of that rooster transform into a new stage of existence. I was very respectful and thankful to him and he nodded at me as though he understood what was going to happen. I had confidence that he had lived a good life roaming the grasses in the orchards on the little organic farm and plenty of hens to keep him company. He had been fed an organic and nutritious diet…Once the task was done, I felt a shift within me. Now I felt had the right to eat meat. I learned to truly understand that a spiritual and ethical dynamic could exist between an animal and a human. I began what I like to call ethical meat eating. I still eat a mainly plant based diet, but I will eat meat once, maybe twice a month. Sometimes less, sometimes more. I listen to my body. It is always organic, grassfed, free range, and hormone and antibiotic free meat. I try to get it from local ranchers at the market who pledge to friendly methods of raising their animals. Something switched inside of me that helped me realize that animals and plants both have a consciousness. They are both breathing, living, growing, and conscious organisms. When I eat plants, I am thankful. When I eat meat, I am thankful. My vata and airy self has greatly appreciated the grounding and it is an undeniably positive thing! Machealle Small Wright talks about meat eating a bit in the Animal kingdom essay in the back of the book I gave you. That might help support you in your decision to eat meat even more. Much love to you Angel. :)


Felcia, thank so much for sharing this. Your willingness to share your knowledge and experience is a blessing to all of us. I am very honored to know you.


Authentic, powerful, passionate, loving, trusting, free – and inspiring. I too am willing to change. I admire you for continuing to open your eyes further and uninhibitedly impart your experience as you pass more milestones. Your openness creates those around you to be open and to grow.


Thank you, Daniel. I am grateful to have such an inspiring partner—both in marriage and in our souls’ journey together. Love you!


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