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If you feel alone and lost in love, I have just the thing!

Aug 07 2015

Lately, I have had many conversations with loving, heart-centered people who feel hurt.  They feel like they are unlucky in love and like their hearts and loved ones have betrayed them. The truth is matters of the heart can be the most draining.  When we feel hurt, betrayed, or abandoned, our heart is communicating to us that it needs healing.  When we go through life with a broken heart, we may find that nothing is working in our favor.  Even though we know that we are not helpless and hopeless, we still may still feel like we do not have a choice. When we feel powerless in our circumstances, we are actually withholding love from ourselves.  This can manifest in the following ways: We numb out or disengage from others. We stop speaking our truth and acting upon our desires.…

[Enlightened Love Life Series] Choose Self-Care & Say Yes to Beauty

Jul 07 2015

Do you have a friend or family member who never hesitates to give you their opinion—even when you did not ask for it?  Are you tired of being told what to do?  When was the last time that you checked in with yourself about how you really felt about something? I ask these questions because we live in a world where opinions are rampant. This is a beautiful thing—I am all about free speech—but when we lose track of our own opinions, it can lead to confusion, sadness, and a lack of motivation.  And when we are in a relationship and we are not in touch with our own inner voice—it can just lead to frustration, resentment, and heartache! When working with a client, I always ask what she would like to create or experience and I ask her where…

Empaths: Know When You are Being Taken Advantage of!

Jun 25 2015

In this week’s segment of Ask Lauren, a beautiful soul named Luna reaches out with the following questions: What tools can I use to help decipher when I am being taken advantage of—as an empath—in a relationship? What is my responsibility in someone’s path? In my response to Luna, I channel Universal Love and Wisdom to deliver an answer that aligns with the Laws of Creation and allows Luna (and you) to set boundaries and create your own version of relationship bliss with love, healing, and empowered confidence. Please comment below. I am always looking forward to assisting you on your own journey of creating relationship bliss.   If you would like your own question answered, you can submit it here.

On Self-Love & Trust

Jul 22 2013

Trust is something that I have found seems to be a struggle that many of us endure each day.  When we do not trust, we create a limited version of what we want to create in our lives. Certainly, there may have been experiences in our past which have led us to choose not to trust. Through these questions it is really important to ask if these experiences are worth holding onto. Yes, life is a series of experiences. In these experiences, we find meaning.  These experiences and the meanings that we give to them shape the way in which we view and interpret the world. This happens at the levels of culture, family, and our personal belief system.  Often times, the way in which we view the world does not serve us. If we choose  not to trust, we…

Dream a Big Vibrant & Healthy Dream

Jun 25 2013

Life is a grand adventure that is waiting to be discovered. This may sound cheesy to some people, but really, it is all about how we look at things. Whenever I am having a bad day, I like to reconnect with my inner dream. For as long as I can remember, my inner dream has always involved spending my time doing what I love and with people I love being around. What is interesting is that whenever I am not in alignment with my inner dream, I notice that I start to feel uninspired and drained.  It is during this time that life can take on the illusion of  being really tough.  It is during this time when the immune system become lower,  work becomes harder, and annoying people seem to creep up their way back into our lives to…

Reconnecting Your Anchor through Honesty

Jun 10 2013

Reconnecting with our inner wisdom—or what I lovingly call our Wise Sage, is not an easy undertaking. Reconnecting with our inner wisdom/Wise Sage, the inner guru and teacher inside us all, is not something that just naturally happens. It is a choice. When we are committed to reconnecting with our inner wisdom, it is important that we connect with our motivation for choosing this path. Our motivation is the vision that we have for our lives. It is our inner dream. Our inner dream/vision is a sensory description of what our most pleasurable and ideal circumstances would be if we were living the life of our dreams. If you could have it any way that you absolutely wanted, what you want to create and experience? What motivates you to keep going in your day-to-day? What inspires you? What is your…

Tending to Details & Making a Mess

May 02 2013

There are some people in this world who are excellent planners. These are the people who can map everything out for you and deliver a beautifully flawless product/project. These people are extremely gifted in bringing grace and harmony to all of us, and guess what? I AM NOT ONE OF THESE PEOPLE! Not at all! Although, I will truthfully say that I am extremely grateful for these people, because without them: our world would lack order, grace, and beauty. Thankfully, through my intuitive work and studies in Soul Realignment/Akashic Records as a professional Healer & Psychic, I am acutely aware of what I am and what I am not. This allows me to love, appreciate, and celebrate myself and others all of the more. This attitude of gratitude and acceptance extends to how I show up in my relationships, my…

Following Dreams, Dealing with Fear, & Making Sense of It All

Apr 30 2013

See, here is the thing: sometimes we think that when if we follow our dreams, we are met with instant bliss and happiness. This is not the case. Not at all. In fact, when we follow our dreams, we are met with fear and suffering. Yes, there are moments of bliss and feelings of accomplishment and joy, but more often than not:  we get to deal with fear. After years of not following my dreams after my choice to follow my dreams, I accept that when I follow my dreams, I get scared. With enough awareness, I am able to take the fear as a good sign, but it still sucks to experience aspects of every negative emotion that I have ever felt come to back to me as I follow my dreams. It gets ridiculous too. I go over…

Wise Sage Reconnection Program

Apr 25 2013

As Healer and Psychic of my own company, Bee Loving Bee Wise, spiritual development is one my very favorite subjects! Through choosing to be a professional healer and psychic, I get to IMPLEMENT what I know about spiritual development in my life AND I get to support others in doing the same!  Right now, I am offering a course called The Wise Sage Reconnection Program. This course is is a common sense approach to healing with love and reconnecting with your inner wisdom. Offering you the possibility of participating in the The Wise Sage Reconnection Program is an action I am taking further my mission of supporting other people in creating vibrant health and happiness in their lives!

Movement through Suffering

Apr 10 2013

When I did not even really know who the Dalai Lama was—and really I still do not: I am NOT an expert in Buddhism—or any religion for that matter—- OR history: soooo many things, but anyway, I had this very vague outline/understanding that he, His Holiness the Dalai Lama,  was a positive entity who stood for peace and wisdom.  So, yes—energetically speaking: I knew who he was…One day I stumbled across this quote by him.  I do not have the exact quote but I can offer you an honest paraphrase of it: Every creature—even an insect—is afraid of suffering. It was this statement that created space for me to really forgive other people who I felt had mistreated me. It allowed me to make sense of suffering and see that it happened because people were so afraid of suffering and…