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Newsflash! ABCs of Dating for Relationship Bliss Video Series is Not just for Sexy Singles!

Apr 07 2014

OK so truth be told, I created this video series as a way to stay on track and engaged with creating content for my youtube channel. It had become apparent that some sort of system was needed to encourage me to create practical and relevant content to assist people in creating relationship bliss. I also noticed that even though the series was tailored to meet the needs of single people in the dating scene, the wisdom that comes through can be applied to almost any relationship. There are exceptions to this of course—I mean the letter “s” that has not been created yet might touch upon the word “sex” and “sex” is something that might not be applied to each and every relationship! But with that being said, this series is meant to enlighten you to all of the ways in which you can embrace the…

Shadow in Love

Sep 11 2013

Sometimes it is easier to be alone than in relationship with others. When we are alone, we only have ourselves to battle. We do not have to agree or disagree with anyone but ourselves. When we are in relationship, we get to deal with other people’s points-of-view and opinions. And yes, this can be aggravating—but the status of our relationships is always very telling. There is the flower industry.  There are diamonds. There are walks in the park and little black dresses. Each of these marks a cultural symbolism of love and looking for love and courting love as we know it. It is so easy to relate to love at some level because love is the driving force within all of us. Whether it is biological or psychological, deep down inside: all many of us ever really want to…