Coughing in the Winds of Change

March 26, 2013

814532027311What I am finding is sometimes we are  often afraid of our magnificence. I know that this used to be true for me. If I were to be the “best version of myself”—as contrived and inauthentic as that might sound, then I might have to change. And really, who likes change?

Not very many of us get up in the morning excited to change. It is often quite the opposite. We may not want to change because we have become comfortable and familiar with the “the way things are.” We accept being unhappy as “the norm” and we tell ourselves that our dreams are silly and unrealistic. And all the while, we either become numb to this reality or we begin to feel pained by what we do not have.

Recently, this expression came into my experience: We are comfortable with the devil that we know and not the one that we have yet to meet—or it was something like that.! Anyway, the essence of this saying really got me to thinking about how many of us have become experts at “managing” our (less than magnificent lives) by fooling ourselves into thinking that we are not really good enough to have what we really want.

Often, we fear change.

And I get it. Change almost dares us to step outside our comfort zone. It dares us to take ourselves on. It challenges everything that we think is true.  And yes, I totally get it! This can be a truly terrifying process!  So even if we are not happy with our lives, the thought of changing our lives is terrifying because we have no guarantee or lifetime warranty on what lies ahead for us if we change.

This is fear.

Fear comes from us trying to keep ourselves safe from what we do not know. We do not know what will cause us to change? I mean, so many of us think of change as being this chaotic and unpleasant thing and yeah, I guess sometimes it can be, but it does not have to be that way. And I think that Paulo Coelho said it best in the “Alchemist:”

“The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.”

Sometimes being a little uncomfortable for a short amount of time is totally worth having the life that you dream of having. And the notion of “suffering” when we are working toward making shifts in our lives that will only serve us, is totally self-made and self-induced drama.—And believe me, I know a lot about un-neccessary drama! I used to use drama to cope with feeling inadequate and to deflect on my own perception of being wrong or bad. I used to use drama as a way to justify the negative consequences that I felt were unjustifiably impending…

Change does not have to equate to suffering.

Yes, change does equate to different.

“Different”can be as awesome or as terrible as you/we/I choose for it to be.

By ALLOWING ourselves to have the life that we want, we open ourselves up to receiving and accepting change as a welcoming force.  This comes from  a shift that occurs in our inner world.  Our inner world is composed of our personal thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions are energy. The more energy/power we give to our thoughts and emotions, the more we will see our thoughts and emotions reflected to us in our external circumstances.  This is great if we are giving our energy to loving and joyful thoughts but often we first buy into anger and believing that we cannot have what we want. And guess what? According to Universal Law, we get what we give.

If we are angry and believe that we can never really have what we want, then WE GET TO BE RIGHT! And really, who wants to be right about that?

If we are fooling ourselves into thinking that what we do not really want what we want or that desire is not really for us, we are sending out these types of energetic signals to the Universe with our thoughts.  Let’s say that you might want to enjoy having the body of your dreams or a life of vibrant health, or an amazing relationship with your significant other BUT that you have allowed yourself to buy into at either the conscious or subconscious level—that change is not for  you!

We may have many excuses and reasons to keep you from what you want—time, money, circumstance, etc—-and guess what? In doing so, we stand a great chance of sending out less than desirable energetic signals that have now been translated into the following words/phrases out into the Universe:

  • I have tried exercise and healthy eating and I am just too stressed out and overwhelmed with responsibility=I am not worth being my ideal weight.”
  • Relationships are not for me. I have been burnt in the past and I assume that all people are like the ones I have encountered in previous [depressing] circumstances= I am not worth being in a relationship with an amazing human being.
  • “This is just the way it is. I have been dealing with this condition for years and I accept that this is as good as it gets= I am not worth vibrant health.”

On the flip side of this, many of us are often afraid of having what it is that we really want….Because if we “accomplished” these goals or “achieved” our dreams, then what would we have left to seek or dream about? And guess what? This is FEAR AGAIN and this time it is CLOAKED in an old and familiar “friend” known as SELF SABOTAGE! And this is fun…Let’s use smoking as an example. For years, I smoked. Sometimes it was just social. Sometimes it was to concentrate and study, but all the while, I knew that it was not the best decision for me—I used to have asthma and HAD ASTHMA WHEN I WAS SMOKING, but oh how I chose to smoke anyway!

I fooled myself into believing that I liked to feel like shit!

Fun, right? This goes for relationships that are not working and applies to anything that we know deep-down is not great for us but for which we continue to choose anyway. This choice comes from habit. It is the “devil that we know.” Perhaps in my mind, I wondered what would happen if I quit smoking. Maybe I was afraid of people thinking I thought I was better than them or I was afraid I would not be able to connect with my friends as much…Totally valid and yet completely ridiculous—and all at the same time!

And now, thanks to making decisions that were in alignment with I am authentically/my soul purpose, I have been enjoying a life without asthma and without the awful effects of pharmaceutical medication used to treat it! I no longer have the symptoms of asthma and from that, I no longer need the medication to control or manage it.—Just so that you know the effects of asthma medication are irritability, anxiety, nervousness and moodiness…And yeah, that was “fun” for someone who already had depression too! :-)

And yeah, here is another thing, someone who has asthma—and this was TOTALLY TRUE for me,believes that he/she is not in charge of their own life. (Louise Hay, author of “You Can Heal Your Life” taught me this!) People with asthma do not want to BREATHE IN LIFE!!!! Well, now from decisions I have made that are grounded to my soul’s purpose, I have enjoyed EMBRACING life and being the leader of my own life! The consequence of this choice is NO MORE ASTHMA!!!!  And guess what else? I still have friends—-and some of my friends are smokers! :-) My choice to have a Soul Realignment Healing Session, a service that I now offer has profoundly benefited me!

And on the surface, many of us are trying really hard. We are already working toward shifting our thought patterns and engaging in fun and maybe even healthful activities, but we still find ourselves experiencing circumstances that are less than ideal. This was certainly true for me! Yes, I used to be pretty depressed. I used to cancel plans with people I enjoyed because I did not want to burden them with my being! I would act out in ways that did not really serve me or reflect who I was or wanted to be.

In short, I really did not want to be here anymore. But there was a part of me that still wanted to give life a go!  This part of me believed that people were genuinely good and that circumstances could shift with just a bit of effort. At first, I grasped to see the beauty of my suffering. From this, I journeyed deep into the basement of my psyche.

I cleaned up my inner world! I freed myself of all sorts of clutter that I was hanging onto! 

But to do that, I really had to go outside my own comfort zone and outside the confines of the box that stores all of what this arbitrary entity of society deems as acceptable! This allowed me to open my heart to all types of joyful and loving experiences!

So, first we tend to our Inner World. We find out what motivates us. We give our energy to thoughts, emotions, and activities that bring us the energetic themes of what we want to create. In short, if we enjoy meeting up with friends, we can choose to do that. We can choose to love and appreciate ourselves by making healthful food choices and choosing healthful activities. We may also choose to spend our time with people who uplift us and who we do the same for in return.

And that’s another thing. Many of us think that we cannot have what we want/change because it might inconvenience other people. For me, this was terrifying…in order to convince myself that changing was not for me, I would engage in the following conversations with myself:

“Oh that…yeah that was just a silly little dream. It no longer applies to me now.”

“Oh sure. Yeah that would work IF I were more attractive or likable.”

“Yeah that…maybe one day but I doubt it because right now, my health would not allow that.”

“I have a chronic condition and there is nothing I can really do about it except take my medicine.”

“I don’t have the money.”

“What would my friends think of me?”

“What if no one wants to hang out with me anymore because I embraced my purpose?”

“What if people want to fight with me about what I believe is true?”

As connected more with my Wise Sage and became more and more grounded to my Soul’s purpose, I realized that the common theme running through each of these statements is, “I am not worth my dream.” And you know what? I really did NOT WANT TO BE RIGHT ABOUT THAT ANYMORE! And really, as much as I may have cared about what other people thought, I am not in control of anyone but myself. And you know what? I choose to be happy and healthy and I will do this on my terms! 

See, I am very perceptive about other people’s emotional needs. I am sensitive. (I am psychic!)  This is a beautiful thing—but when I choose to put other people before myself or to not follow my dreams because I feel it might inconvenience other people—then I am truly selling out! So really,  if all I can control is me, then I am going to be me—-regardless of what anyone else thinks! And here is another thing—and I did not make this up— someone else did—but “what other people think of [me] is NONE OF [MY] BUSINESS!”

I am minding my own business and being me! :-) I am asthma-free. I am healthy and happy! I am creating love and wisdom around me because I CHOSE to accept and embrace myself as whole and complete!And thanks to Louise Hay and her book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” the following mantra has made its way into my daily experience:

“I am changing. I am willing to change.”

Know this: if your life is not completely to your liking and if you are interested in enjoying health and happiness in all its many forms, then you can start by grounding yourself to your Soul’s purpose. When we live life from the perspective of our Soul, we are able to live lives that are joyful, healthful, and full of love. We will live our life through the connection with our own Wise Sage, we are able to make excellent decisions that will render the consequence that we consciously desire.

You can start today by taking advantage of my promotion of a FREE Soul Purpose Report for Health & Happiness AND/OR you can sign up for your own Soul Realignment Session with me TODAY! You can also choose to work with me longterm by purchasing a package! If you would like to speak with me directly about your options, please email me at to set up your FREE consultation.

As always, LOVE and Blessings to you all! :-)

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