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July 15, 2015
Jaime slutzky

Working with spiritually conscious women on manifesting their own versions of relationship bliss is one of my favorite things to do.

Through working with my gorgeous clients, I realized that there are two ingredients that every woman must embrace before she is successful in manifesting her own version of relationship bliss

The first is she must heal her heart.

The second is she must make new choices.

This combination is one of complete empowerment and love.  One does not have to happen before the other. Each happens sequentially.

This process of manifesting your dream relationship merges your Divinity with your humanity. When you can harness the power of your soul and realize your own strength, you have healed!

When you heal your heart, you experience your soul’s true essence reflected back to you in your love life.

You must be willing to release that which no longer serves you. You must be willing to make courageous new choices.

It is not always easy, but I guarantee that once you master this, you will reconnect with your own personal power, be grounded in your own self-confidence, and trust yourself fully and completely.

The process can be tough, but if you can get through it, your own version of relationship bliss awaits you.

To assist you in healing your heart, I have created a free video training to help you heal your heart. Click here to read more and let me know that you want this free heart-healing training. After you register, I will send it directly to your inbox.

And just in case you want to hang out more, click here to watch a short video that I made where I talk a bit about empowered heart-healing.



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