[Enlightened Love Life Series] Choose Self-Care & Say Yes to Beauty

July 7, 2015
Jaime slutzky

Do you have a friend or family member who never hesitates to give you their opinion—even when you did not ask for it?  Are you tired of being told what to do?  When was the last time that you checked in with yourself about how you really felt about something?

redshoesI ask these questions because we live in a world where opinions are rampant. This is a beautiful thing—I am all about free speech—but when we lose track of our own opinions, it can lead to confusion, sadness, and a lack of motivation.  And when we are in a relationship and we are not in touch with our own inner voice—it can just lead to frustration, resentment, and heartache!

When working with a client, I always ask what she would like to create or experience and I ask her where she is at emotionally and mentally this day. I do this before I tune in and before I offer my opinion! :-) I do this to ensure that she is clear on what she would like to experience in her love life, relationship, or anything that we happen to be talking about at the time. And being clear allows us to boldly ask for what we want to experience and it gives us the life force that we need to take the next steps in bringing it to fruition.

From working with women on creating their own personal versions of relationship bliss, I have found that many are afraid to ask for what they want. After some introspection and reflection on this, I have found that that many of us are either not sure of what we want, are trying to convince ourselves to want something that we really do not want, or we are embarrassed of what we do want.

Many women feel uncomfortable about giving themselves love or engaging in self-care.

As uncomfortable as it might be to admit, I truly believe that it is a self-worth issue. If you do not feel that you are worthy and if you show yourself that you are not worthy by constantly putting others ahead of yourself, you could be blocking yourself from receiving love and results you love.  You might even feel drained when it comes to your relationships and love life.

One of my main messages is that in order to receive love, we must be willing to give love—and not just to anyone, but to yourself first. And this choice is one that can actually change the entirety of your life and you will find that you will actually have more love and energy to spend with those that you love.

It is for this reason that I get to be a part of Soul & Style, an event geared exclusively for women that is all about fashion and love. What we wear and how we care for ourselves really does elevate our self-worth and self-love. And this makes us a magnet for love. Like really does attract like!  :-) I am teaming up with my dear friend and colleague, Image Consultant, Raquel Greer Gordian to deliver this loving and powerful message to you.

The Soul & Style event includes wine, snacks, friendship, and fun. I will talking about love, relationships, and how your soul can help you in creating your own version of relationship bliss. Raquel will be talking about cultivating your own personal style and how you can rock out your wardrobe right now! There will prizes too!! :-)

It is all happening on July 9, 2015 from 7 PM to 9:30 PM at the Writing Barn in Austin TX. Tickets are $25. Register and purchase your tickets here!

Raquel and I also wanted to connect with you about this event so we made some videos for you! :-0

You can watch a short video that Raquel and I made here!


You can watch a slightly longer one where we go deeper here!


Above all, love yourself!! <3  How much do you love yourself and show yourself love?  Do you feel it helps your relationship?  Please leave a comment! xo

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