Fall in Love, NOT IN LINE!

August 24, 2015
Jaime slutzky

Hi loving heart-centered renegades! To listen to the audio version click here!

This is my favorite quote right now.

(BTW- I do not know who originally created this powerful phrase.  It is simply something that has touched my heart deeply.  Before I go any further, I want to give a shout out and send some love to the inspiring person who brought this into being.  If you happen to know who this originally belonged to—please let me know!)

Truthfully, when we choose to no longer think for ourselves, we stop the flow of love in our lives.

Why? Because LOVE is a creative energy.  It comes from our souls’ to our hearts in the form of intuition, emotion, and dreams. When we make love-based choices, we create endless possibilities and manifest results that we love.

The problem is that when choose to “fall in line” we unknowingly make a choice to shut down or numb ourselves out.  This successfully blocks us from giving, receiving, manifesting, and experiencing love. This lack of love can show up as:

  • A lack of desire and fulfillment in our love lives and relationships
  • A lack of passion
  • Depression
  • Holding ourselves back
  • Fear of what others will think
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low self-worth

This is unfortunately a reality for the majority of people on our planet.  You may even experience from time to time.  You might wonder why someone like you would experience results that you do not like in your love life and relationships.  If you are someone who has tried your best to heal your heart, express yourself lovingly, and you still keep getting “the short end of the stick” in your love life, then it is quite possible that you are unknowingly playing into a love myth or a “law of love.”

Last week, I gave you a video that barely scratches the surface of love myths.  A “law of love” goes deeper than a love myth because it is the dogma that created the myth in the first place!!  These “laws of love” are all about conformity and falling in line instead of falling in love.

Love threatens the status quo and this so-called external authority figure that wants to keep you disempowered and in your place.

A “law of love” actually has zero to do with love and everything to do with love’s evil twin, fear.  Yes, these “laws of love” need to be broken.  As a Love Psychic and Heart-Centered Renegade, I feel strongly about dismantling and disrupting the status quo when it comes to L-O-V-E.  and I am determined to break through, dismantle, and debunk each misconception about love.

Will you be a love outlaw with me?

Whether you are completely on-board or remotely curious to hear more, I want to invite you to the following events:

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As always so much love to you!!

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