Find Your Relationship Hell Archetype

November 12, 2013

photo-300x225What is relationship hell? Simply put, relationship hell is the opposite of relationship bliss. Relationship bliss refers to a relationship that satisfies us on all levels! It is loving, joyful, connected, and fulfilled. Relationship hell refers to the exact opposite of that!! And it can look a number of different ways!

For instance, one person’s version of relationship hell might be that they are perpetually single. Another’s might be that they have been in a long-term relationship that no longer satisfies them. They might be arguing with their partner a lot or maybe they are simply bored. Another person’s might be that they are serial monogamists OR that they date a lot but leave the relationship as soon as it seems that things might be getting real!

The way a person’s relationship hell shows up will be vary from individual to individual. The version of hell is entirely subjective, but what remains universal is that the person feels that they are limited, disconnected, and unhappy.

My version of relationship hell looked like having a series of serious relationships that seemed to end with me choosing emotionally unavailable people. I also saw that I had perpetually put my partner’s needs ahead of my own! This would cause me to get resentful and have what I like to call “martyr diva moments.” It was all un-necessary. I had my heart broken over and over again. And guess what? Nothing changed until I was ready to embrace all aspects of myself and make new choices that aligned to me getting out of relationship hell through loving myself all the way to personal and relationship bliss!

If you would say that you are in some version of relationship hell and if you would like to find yourself in its polar opposite of relationship bliss, take the Find Your Relationship Hell Archetype QuizIn this quiz, you will gain insight into the following:

  • Your best and worst qualities
  • Honest feedback outlining how others see you
  • Practical things that you can do to create healing and transformation in your own life
  • Homework that was generated specifically for your archetype

The information provided to you in the Find Your Relationship Hell Archetype Quiz is healing, introspective, and transformational. The information provided to you from taking the quiz allows you to release what no longer serves you so that you can reclaim your life with love and relationship bliss!

After you sign up to take the Find Your Relationship Hell Archetype Quiz, it will be delivered to your inbox immediately!

I am really looking forward to serving you on your journey of getting out of relationship hell through loving yourself all the way to relationship bliss!


Until then, go LOVE yourself!

Be Loving Be Wise,



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Hey Lady! I’m signing up with another address so I can do your quiz!! Can’t wait!!



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