Following Dreams, Dealing with Fear, & Making Sense of It All

April 30, 2013

logoSee, here is the thing: sometimes we think that when if we follow our dreams, we are met with instant bliss and happiness. This is not the case. Not at all. In fact, when we follow our dreams, we are met with fear and suffering. Yes, there are moments of bliss and feelings of accomplishment and joy, but more often than not:  we get to deal with fear.

After years of not following my dreams after my choice to follow my dreams, I accept that when I follow my dreams, I get scared. With enough awareness, I am able to take the fear as a good sign, but it still sucks to experience aspects of every negative emotion that I have ever felt come to back to me as I follow my dreams.

It gets ridiculous too. I go over whether or not I am hurting others by expressing my truth. Why? Because as a young kid, I saw that the truth sometimes made people behave irrationally. Sometimes I was the messenger that got [emotionally] killed at the hands of someone else’s reaction to what I perceived as being true. As I am not wired to intentionally hurt other people, I experienced complete rejection as a result of other people’s choice to lash out at me.

So yes, when following my dreams, I go into old patterns—or at least the remnants of old patterns— pertaining to how I will emotionally protect myself from being rejected. The great thing is that now I remember that these standard reactions and patterns do not serve me or what I want to create. I choose to no longer consciously participate in these patterns as they are old patterns that I adapted years ago when I was consciously choosing to “fit in.”  See, very much of the way  “things are are”—I am referring to customs, structure,  dogma, and tribal-like thinking—does not make any sort of sense to me. When I would voice this—and how these things did not make sense, I was often met with adversity and resistance.

Church made absolutely no sense to me. (When I asked questions, I was given unsatisfying “this is the way it is” types of answers.)

Spending mandatory time with people just because they were related to me—we are talking extended family here—made no sense to me either.

Me- “But I do not like the energy of the ‘family’ and how everyone gets when thrown into with the collective energy of ‘the family.’—Of course these are the words I can use to describe  this situation now, but it was STILL met with the same response: “too bad because this is just the way it is!”

So maybe I was an “annoying” kid. If not annoying, I was definitely intense, but through all of this: I got to see and affirm over and over again how the choice to do something out of obligation and routine made  and continues to make NO SENSE!

For instance, I remember being terrified at the thought of having to grow up and wake up early for a job that I could not imagine doing. I remember feeling like I had no real goals. I was never really into material things. All I wanted was connection. I loved expressing my emotions through writing and acting. These activities were very heart-centered and enjoyable for me…But yeah, doing something for the sake of a paycheck and thinking that I could never be paid for what I wanted to do was a scary and sickening thought, but hey:  “it’s just the way things are!” TOTAL ILLUSION!

But I still got to participate in society. It does not surprise me at all that I chose to study anthropology when I did “what I was supposed to do” and went to college. See, I never even wanted to go to college. But, I was not sure what it was that I wanted to do at that time anyway. Again, there was the “problem” of not having any tangible goals to tell people about. But my parents totally had goals and a few of theirs was to make sure that their children were well-fed, clothed, and educated. I went to college because that was what was expected of me and really because I did not have a better idea.

So, I kind of went with the flow not really knowing what I was getting into, but yeah studying anthropology allowed me to attempt to make some sense of customs and beliefs that made (and still make) no sense to me. It allowed me to understand groups of people and what motivated humanity and the different expressions of motivation that existed across cultures.  What I found was something that was universal from culture to culture:

We are all trying to stay safe.

Now, this illusion of staying safe can take on a lot of seemingly different flavors. A person can do drugs or drink obsessively to stay safe.  Hey, I did not say that being safe was the same as being healthy—or that anything about this expression of the illusion of safety makes any sense real sort of sense. But it makes perfect sense, right? I mean if we choose to numb out to how we feel, then we are safe. If we numb out to how we feel/what inspires us, then we never have to face the fear that comes with taking action.

(Being safe for some people may even manifest as a chronic health condition. Why? Because if we are sick, then we do not have to do as much…or at least that is the illusion and belief that perpetuated by prognosis and conventional methods—But that is another blog post all together!) 

Bottom line: this illusion of safety only gets us more closer to death in a way that we can expect. Safety keeps us safe from having other people attack us for being different or going against the grain, but anyway…And in case it is not apparent, I am not talking about common sense types of safety. (If you physically jump off a cliff, you will more than likely die—unless of course you do not have the intention of dying and you have a parachute or something.)

Another manifestation of [the illusion of safety] is when we choose to do what we are told to do by other people who we have given our authority to.  Examples of this are religion, families, corporations, and the conventional medicine system—so really when I say people, I am talking about the ubiquitous structures that people created, uphold together collectively, and believe in unconditionally.

When we give our power to others—whether they are these entities or our loved ones, we let them make decisions for us. And really, most of the decisions that we allow others to make on our behalf, do not reflect who we authentically are and most of the time, do not make sense anyway!

Let’s talk about the “real world”  and its many illusions. The “real world” is this place/state-of-mind where we buy into the illusion that we have to do things that we do not like for a paycheck. Here are some fun “facts” about the “real” world:

  • We do things that we do not like so that we can pay our bills and create stability. (Yes now this makes a lot of sense: NOT! By creating stability from spending the majority of time being stressed out and/or doing something we hate, will only create more stress and instability. And who wants to be “stable” if that “stability” comes with being chronically worried and unhappy and living in regret. Not me!)
  • We do things out of obligation because that is what we are supposed to do or how we have done them before.
  • The “real” world is a place where the helper professions are not favored and where spiritual people are urged NOT to charge for their services.

The “real world” is based on an entire illusion of security that we have collectively chosen to participate in and engage with and where things of value are not valued. Am I suggesting we all move to an island? NOT AT ALL!!! Am I suggesting we totally rebel and live completely off the grid? NOPE!!! What I am suggesting is that we get real about what we are participating in and buying into! We need to connect with our own motivation and with our own fear and take action on our dreams!!!!

Connecting with your inner dream and inner wisdom and maintaining that connection is a wonderful way to cultivate the inner world that you want to be reflected in your external experiences.

Through my Wise Sage Reconnection Program, I get to teach a course that will support you in connecting with your dream and with your inner wisdom!  Because I believe so much in the power of unplugging from the collective and thinking for ourselves, this program  allows me to teach you how to move through your fear, heal with love, and reclaim your lives through Universal Love and Wisdom!

To celebrate this, I have a special offer for you. Until this Saturday, May 4th, I am offering you the opportunity to sign up for the Wise Sage Reconnection Program for $80 instead of $120!  Just to remind you, here is what is included:

  • 5 Lessons of written material
  • 5 Group Spiritual Advising/Question-answer sessions on the phone
  • Mini Inner Wisdom Soul Profile Reading
  • Course material and classes are centered on healing, releasing, intuition-building, using Universal Law and meditation to connect with inner wisdom and manifest intentions, cultivating self-care, and much more

I am revising the structure just a bit. In the revision, we are going to meet on the phone starting on Saturday May 11th at 1 PM Eastern Time. (My own personal Wise Sage/inner wisdom suggested it and I am taking it up on the opportunity!) We will meet on the phone for the next four Saturdays after the initial Saturday. Then, on Wednesdays: you will receive your course materials. This means that I will be teaching the first part of the course live via teleconference! Here is a  schedule:

  • Saturday- May 11 at 1 PM EST: Live Class through teleconference (Lesson 1)
  • Wednesday- May 15th: Lesson 2 delivered to your email
  • Saturday- May 18th at 1 PM EST: Question-Answer/Spiritual Advising Live Teleconference
  • Wednesday- May 22nd- Lesson 3 delivered to email
  • Saturday- May 25th at 1 PM EST: Question-Answer/Spiritual Advising Live Teleconference
  • Wednesday- May 29th- Lesson 4 delivered to email
  • Saturday- June 1st at 1 PM EST: Question-Answer/Spiritual Advising Live Teleconference
  • Wednesday- June 5th- Lesson 5 delivered to email
  • Saturday- June 8th at 1 PM EST: Question-Answer/Spiritual Advising Live Teleconference

And as an added bonus and because I really want to be able to support you, I am included a Mini Inner wisdom Soul Profile Reading. By knowing who you are at soul level, I can truly support you during our Saturday calls!

Please register by filling out the form below. After you fill out the form, I will personally respond to you to arrange for your payment. In the form, I ask for information: your name at birth, date of birth, and place of birth. This information allows me to create the mini report for you about who you are at soul-lvel via your Akashic Record.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to having you in my Wise Sage Reconnection Program!

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