Keeping it Simple- Creating Wholeness & Wellness with Universal Law

May 21, 2013

profile pictureWhether we know it or not, each of us—as spiritual beings inside human bodies—are subject to Universal Law. These are the Truths that we cannot escape. These are the Truths that allow us to have the experience of our external circumstances. When we are conscious of these Truths, we get to apply them to our lives to create our desired external circumstances.

What is an external circumstance? 

These are the ways in which we can describe our lives to ourselves and others. An external circumstance can be any of the following:

  • status of health within our physical and emotional bodies
  • degree of satisfaction that we experience in our relationships
  • state of our finances
  • state of our fulfillment in our chosen profession
  • ways in which we choose to express ourselves
  • quality of how we feel about ourselves and other people

In order to have external circumstances that are pleasing to us, we must zero-in on the energetic quality of each of our external circumstances. When we look at energetic qualities, we get to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How do I feel about this external circumstance in my life?
  • What images come to mind?
  • Do I feel powerless to change it or am I empowered to change it?

These questions are starting-points that support us in communicating with ourselves honestly over how we feel about the circumstances. As we ask ourselves some of these questions, other people in our lives may come to mind.  Here are some examples of how this might manifest for someone who goes through this process:

  • I am not happy at work, because I do not like my boss
  • I am happy at work because I like my boss.
  • I am unhappy with my body and I do not have time for exercise or to cook for myself
  • I am happy with my body because I choose to make healthful choices and spend my time caring for myself through my favorite exercise of choice.
  • I would like to spend more time with my friends but I am always so tired from work and taking care of my family
  • I wish I had a job I liked and a family to care for.
  • I wish I felt better but I have a chronic condition and there is nothing I can do about it.

Notice how some of these responses are dependent on other people. Notice how some of these responses seem like they are out of the person’s control.  Exploring our external circumstances  allows us to check in with ourselves and take ownership over every circumstance in our lives. When we take ownership of it, we are empowered to create the circumstances that we desire.

Let me give you an example. Through doing variations of this approach, I have created vibrant health and wellness within my physical body. To do this, I looked at, accessed, and explored all of the energetic reasons—most of them emotional and spiritual—that allowed me to manifest symptoms of asthma, depression, allergies,anxiety,  frequent colds, headaches, fatigue, and nausea in my body. It took me awhile, but when I identified a common energetic theme, I would work to shift the thought and then DO SOMETHING that would shift the emotion.

After awhile, I realized that I was no longer taking any pharmaceuticals to alleviate any of these symptoms.  Instead, I chose to take fish oil, vitamin D, and Vitamin C. I chose to practice yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. I allowed myself to invite and look into every thought that came into my mind and analyze whether the thought served me or not. I also allowed myself to tune into my emotions and to experience and release anything that did not serve me.

In the past, I had made myself wrong to have “negative” thoughts, but now I am open and accepting of them. I realize now how my emotional body serves me. Through it, I get to to be aware of what has power over me. I gauge this through my reactions and responses to different circumstances or thoughts. And when I release these emotions, I get to create and maintain experiences and circumstances that are more pleasing to me.  I create  win-win for myself and it transcends to everyone involved! :-)

I choose to take an introspective, integrative, and holistic approach to healing my body and soul.

This would be an external circumstance that I would consider as pleasing to me.  So, when I go through the other external circumstances of my life, I am conscious to apply the energies behind what is working in my life to what is not working as well in my life. And to those areas, I realize that taking a gentle, loving, and holistic approach will work for me in creating what I want. I also make sure to check-in with my intuition and with Universal Law in creating/maintaining the external circumstance that I want.

We give what we get.

This is a tenement of Universal Law that means that whatever energy we put out into the Universe/into a task, we will get back in return. Making a choice that is based in fear, will only lead to more fear.

For example, if there is a person in your life who has a difficult personality, responding from that person from a place of fear can produce a situation that creates more instances for you or the person to be afraid. When we are in fear-mode, we often can get reactive and try to protect ourselves. Whereas by choosing to deal with the situation that we feel is caused from the other person’s involvement with love, we get to create a new type of situation.

I am not meaning that we have to put up with “bad” behavior. Boundaries are often important and beneficial to both parties, but I mean that there are always options that can create a win-win with all parties. And a win-win situation— by the way— is NOT one that requires compromise or sacrifice. Sometimes it takes some work to be able to experience the process that it takes to create the win-win, but it is something that is always available to us at any given time. If we believe otherwise, then we have bought into an illusion that does not serve us.

As a Wellness Intuitive, I am privileged to work with amazing people on embracing themselves as whole as complete so that they can apply an introspective and holistic approach to their lives. One way to create a complete win-win in your life is to choose to have an Inner Wisdom Connection Reading with me. This service  is accurate and will support you in reconnecting with your own inner wisdom and looking into all of the energetic issues that are causing you to experience external circumstances that are not 100% to your liking. This service puts you in charge of your healing process and allows you to shift your external circumstances through reconnecting with your inner wisdom.

For a limited time only, I am running a special that allows you to have an Inner Wisdom Reading with me and to enjoy two private coaching sessions with me at a special price. An Inner Wisdom Connection Reading (priced at $300)  is created through me accessing your Akashic Record and includes the following:

    • 75 minute phone or Skype session where I record the call and send it to your email address
    • Deep detailed insight into WHO you are authentically (your divine talents)
    • Practical recommendations and how you can take action toward EMBODYING your inner wisdom
    • Deep insight into all energetic issues/blocks and restrictions that are NO LONGER in your highest good
    • Awareness and energy healing to CLEAR the energetic issues
    • Energy healing work performed by me on your behalf to clear your Akashic Record of energetic blocks that were found
    • 21-Day optional homework assignment to support you in being in charge of your life and creating the circumstance

Private Coaching Sessions with me are half an hour in length and priced at $60 a piece. These sessions include us working together to support you in creating the external life circumstances that are pleasing to you from the perspective of who you are as a spiritual being (your Divine gifts) and the introspective approach of using Universal Law and practical and loving action for you to create the life you want.

This is a $420 value that I am offering you for only $340!! This packages includes an Inner Wisdom Connection Reading and two private coaching sessions with me! :-) I am only going to have this promotion going until Friday, May 24th!

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I am also going to accept payment plan options that will be paid over a time period of two months at $175 a month. Again, I only going to have this promotion going until Friday, May 24th!

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And remember, while it may appear that we live in a very complicated world, Universal Law or the laws that  is very simple.

We get what we give.

You can start the entire process now by giving yourself the gift of connecting with yourself as a spiritual being through having loving support to create the life of wholeness and wellness that you want reflecting in your external life circumstances!

I really look forward to hearing from you!! Love you!If you have any questions, please contact me. :-)

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