Love Is My Favorite Subject

May 16, 2015

From the time I was really young, LOVE has always been my favorite subject. I remember in elementary school, my friends and I would talk about the boys we had crushes on. We would get all googly-eyed about how maybe—just maybe—one of these crushes would put all of his allowance aside and just buy us butterfly rings—or whatever pretty jewelry was being pitched during our favorite TGI shows.

After a myriad of combined love interests and crushes and short-lived relationships, my friends and I found ourselves in middle school and high school. Now, matters of the heart were even more crucial than ever! We simply had to keep talking, and we even created a secret code to discuss all of our love life happenings! This code allowed us to talk about our latest love interests whether we were talking on the phone or pouring our hearts out to each other in hand-written notes.

(Just to share some highlights of our special code language with you: Blue M&Ms was code for kissing your special sweetie  and TLC —as in the all-girl band that was responsible for letting us all know that no we don’t want no scrubs—was code for “my parents are listening in on this conversation.”)

All silliness aside, how do you communicate with yourself about your deepest desires?  What images and feelings and phrases do you tune into when you are reflecting on your love life?

More than that, when was the last time you wrote someone a handwritten note, a juicy email, or had a fun phone date with your besty or allowed yourself to be all starry-eyed and gaga about someone who makes your heart swoon?

Couple in love.

If you are like most people, then you may push those little messages from your soul aside. It is easy to dismiss our soul’s messages, because they enlighten us to something that is inconvenient and potentially heart-breaking. This is usually because the whispers of your soul are often quite the opposite of your current reality.

The truth is many of us are just too busy to dream let alone take action on our heart and soul’s yearnings. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you are in some way guilty of telling yourself that you have to live in the “real world” and that dreaming about what you want might be seen as a waste of time because ultimately: it may or may not happen.

Think about it…most of what you probably do is based on a very complicated and toxic question:

Is there a guarantee that this will work? 

Is it certain that if I eat this, I will be full?

If I do not finish this project, will I get fired?

Is it true that I am a better person simply because I chose to call my mother on Mother’s Day?

I will only ask this person out on a date if I have a guarantee that he will say yes!

While we cannot argue with nature (such as guaranteeing that some sort of nutrition is essential to our physical body’s survive) there is no guarantee about anything.

Sadly, this can be one of the hardest things for us to embrace.

So many of us are looking for a guarantee that what we desire more than anything in our hearts won’t cause us to feel pain, hurt, or struggle, and that in order to get it, we do not have to risk anything.

So many of us want a rescuer. We want to be saved from heart-ache and the sense of loss that we would experience if we try something and fail.  We want to be told what to do.

Does this sound like you?  Do you want others—maybe even Spirit—to rescue you?

Well, guess what? Your life cannot be different if you choose to be the same. And whether you want to accept this as truth or not, you are your own savior.

Every decision that you make and action that you take dictates the circumstance that you will experience as a result of those choices.

In other words, you are your one true rescuer and savior. You get to choose whether you will change your life, heal your life, and enlighten your life.

While there is no one who can do that for you except for you, there are people who are pretty great at facilitating and jumpstarting the process for you.

There are people who excel at connecting you with your own inner wisdom and intuitive resources so that you can take all of the new actions that you need to heal your heart and create results that you love.

One of these people is me, and it is my greatest pleasure to assist heart-centered and committed people like you in facilitating the healing process so that you can enlighten your life and craft a relationship that reflects your soul’s true essence.

If you are thinking about it, then I urge you to listen to your intuition and give yourself the experience that your soul is looking for.

You can also check out my services pages by clicking here!

And in the meantime, take some time to smell the roses and to do things a little differently.

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