Love Thy Self: It May Not Be Original but it is ALWAYS True

March 5, 2013

yoga_outside_meI remember the first time someone told me that I needed to love myself…Well OK, I do not remember the person or the exact time, but I remember the period in my life when it was coming up. During this time in my life, I felt really disconnected. I felt like things were happening TO me and that I had no control over anything in my life. This was very dis-empowering! I wanted to cry and often I did! I spent a lot of time asking myself the painful and daunting and totally unproductive question of, “Why me?”

It was later after a time of deep wallowing that eventually led to introspection—which then led to me finding myself and discovering myself as a spiritual being, that I saw that I was CREATING my life. I was shaping my reality based on everything that I believed and thought was true about myself and others.

At first this idea seemed completely nutso to me. 

But when I got in deep with it and dove into the pools of my psyche that I discovered that it really made a lot of sense—and that I was just pretending like it was such a new idea that made no sense  What I found was that my resistance to the idea came from my fear of the unknown. I mean really,  if I accepted that I was in charge of my own experience, then that would mean I would have to be responsible and start OWNING my choices! When I allowed this concept into my experience, so much unfolded for me!

From this, I have noticed that loving myself may appear like it comes in many different forms, but really, what it boils down to are the choices that I make. When I realized this, I found that many of my choices were unconscious! For instance, I held a really limited viewpoint of who I was and what it was that I could “make happen” in my life. I would spend a lot of my time dreaming and creating possible future plans, but I would spend very little time dedicating the energy to making it happen. In short, I used to believe—at the subconscious level mostly— that I was not worth the beauty of my dream. I thought that it was OK for other people to do what was in their heart, but that I was limited by money, health, and circumstances. And you know what? Those were NOT loving beliefs!

And I chose to have them to stop myself from working toward my dreams!

That was another thing. Most of the time, my dreams were ambiguous and global. I wanted to live in a “better” world where people were kind to each other and animals. I wanted to live in a place where the Earth and all of its inhabitants were loved and respected by one another. I believed it was possible, but now I realize that it could never be possible if I was not willing to invest the time and energy into LOVING myself! Since the energy behind my thoughts and beliefs was not loving, how could I possibly create these dreams that were founded on love?The answer was that it was not possible to create love without love. When I make loving choices from a place of awareness and wisdom, then everybody wins!

When we apply Universal Law to our lives and experiences, we connect to how the choice of our thoughts and feelings create our consequence/outcome. We might be creating a reality where we feel stuck. When we are stuck, it can either look like procrastination or it is the guise of doing so much and receiving so little emotional fulfillment. Either way, the consequence is not to our liking. And from there, we get to look at reasons for why the outcome is not to our liking! Sometimes, it might be because we are way too particular about what we want and we choose to close ourselves off to an even better consequence that was not known at the time! And by the way, I am not talking about lowering your standards but rather releasing your expectations! Seriously, when we accept the consequence for “what is,” then we become open to reconnecting, releasing, and reclaiming our experience!

So let’s talk more about this notion of loving yourself. When I love myself, I make wise choices. I do this by choosing to eat foods that align to MY version of a healthy lifestyle. I also do this by setting boundaries with people. Now, this one has been tough for me! See, I really want to serve and be there for everyone. I am usually the friend who will drop everything to support another friend! (Yes, I am a bit of a recovering doormat.) But when I found how this was making my way into my business—I mean here I am working as service provider—offering people the chance to reconnect with their inner wisdom, release what no longer serves them, and reclaim their lives—when I was not taking the same stand for myself!

So to honor this, I set up work hours and have since decided that “I like me “and that I do not need other people to like me. That has been a huge relief! It was a decision grounded in LOVE and WISDOM! I also saw that my choice to put other people ahead of my own wants and needs—like not wanting to hurt their feelings— was an action that I chose that came from a place of  OBLIGATION! This never worked out for me or the other person who I was trying to please either! This was unhealthy and it would often result in me resenting people!  (Not cool!—a loving “judgement!”)

What I have found is that a large portion of loving yourself/myself/ourselves is also rooted in how we talk to ourselves and each other. What are the things we make up about who we are based on events that are happening in our lives? In fact, even after allowing the concept of the I AM THE CREATOR of my own experience into my life, I still found myself faulting myself  for outcomes that I judged as being less than satisfactory! I was not blaming other people [as much,] but I was not holding myself at the same loving level!

And how do these choices fit into my vision of living in a world where we all treat each other with love and respect?  The short answer is that it does not fit in at all! It is not in alignment with my vision! Fault exists in judgement and judgement does not contribute to my vision for myself or the world.

So the answer to loving yourself is to make wise choices. So any time that I find myself going into self judgement and into an “I suck/I am at fault” type of mentality, I look at it from a place of introspection, love, and discernment. When I view “myself and others through eyes of love,”—-thank you so much Louise Hay for giving me this affirmation with your book, “You Can Heal Your Life—” I find it easier to get through the circumstances in a way that aligns to my vision and to who I am as a spiritual and human being.

Really, when I choose to practice love and awareness for the day-to-day events that I attract into my experience, I find that I can create the vision I want by dealing with myself first. What I mean is that we get to start with the relationship that we have with ourselves! From here, we cultivate love and watch it transcend into other aspects of our lives!  So this is the reason why I have chosen to have my own company called Bee Loving Bee Wise where I get to work with amazing people on reconnecting to their inner wisdom, releasing what no longer serves them, and reclaiming their lives! I use my intuition, knowledge of Universal Law, and modality training in Soul Realignment and Reiki to support you in getting underneath everything and making wise choices from a place of love!

So, happy birthday to me! And Cheers to LOVE! Blessings to all of you!

profile pictureMy name is Lauren. I am a Love Psychic and a Healer. I have vibrant health at both the physical and emotional levels. I no longer take the asthma medication that I thought I would be on for my entire life. I am in a committed, passionate, and loving relationship with my husband. I have restored and healed relationships with family members and loved ones. And you know what else? I love, appreciate, and accept myself! I exhibit this love through taking action on what is important to me!  I make great decisions and wise choices grounded in love and common sense. When I reconnect with who I am, I release what no longer served me, and I reclaim my life! I want the same for you!

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