Movement through Suffering

April 10, 2013

2013-02-19_14-03-56_49When I did not even really know who the Dalai Lama was—and really I still do not: I am NOT an expert in Buddhism—or any religion for that matter—- OR history: soooo many things, but anyway, I had this very vague outline/understanding that he, His Holiness the Dalai Lama,  was a positive entity who stood for peace and wisdom.  So, yes—energetically speaking: I knew who he was…One day I stumbled across this quote by him.  I do not have the exact quote but I can offer you an honest paraphrase of it:

Every creature—even an insect—is afraid of suffering.

It was this statement that created space for me to really forgive other people who I felt had mistreated me. It allowed me to make sense of suffering and see that it happened because people were so afraid of suffering and responding from a place of suffering. This simple statement allowed me to really honor life in all of its forms.

This was the gateway to me connecting with myself over how each of us are connected to each other by energy.

With the Dalai Lama’s quote and his peaceful and powerful presence—all in the forefront of the post, I can say that there is an overwhelming outcry of humanity about the injustice of suffering. AND I AM OVER IT!

Yes,  I am one of those highly sensitive people—who when I am not grounded—can literally feel the pain/emotions of my surroundings. And a lot of times, these are not my immediate surroundings. It is by things I see on TV—and even if it is not real: my subconscious mind does not know that and my body will respond accordingly! What also gets me is that  all of this violence on TV—even though it is not “real,” it is unfortunately, grounded in a reality in that is all too real.

And the sad part of it is, is that we eat that shit up….

I say “we” loosely in this context. The “we” I am using comes from the same collective consciousness that we all share. Yes, it is totally and completely and 100% possible to “un-plug” from this consciousness, but it is still there. And it largely dictates the way that many of us see the world.

Now, I could blame it on the media, but that would be irresponsible. Instead, I acknowledge that I have watched violent programing and felt sickened. (I chose this.) Yes, I have read news stories that made my heart cry and my stomach drop.  (I chose this.) There were these especially horrific stories about animals and people being mistreated….It all too real and too painful and too disgusting. (And again, I chose it.)

Yes, I used to say things like, “oh I hate people who do this to other people/animals!!” And in the moment, I totally meant it! But now, I find myself completely sickened by the word “hate.” Even as I type it out, I am choosing to take deep breaths so that I may be able to downplay the same vicseral effects of it…

You might wonder, “Why? It is just a word?” or “You are being dramatic!”  To this, I say that the energy of “hate” is very much alive in the world!!  It is evidences by all of these horrendous stories that I attract  in my facebook newsfeed. Stories about victims of gang rape. Stories about people punching pit bulls in the faces. It is all too real and too heart-breaking and I am OVER IT!

Again: I am sooooo incredibly over the need to propagate such hate! What is the point anyway? 

Oh because I/you/we saw something that outraged me/us, I am now going to post it on my/our wall to outrage more and more people?!?!

Posting this crap on our facebook walls is an action that is taken from a place of FEAR! Showing this type of material and is an active demonstration of hate! It only ADVERTISES the atrocity and perpetuates the violence further!

(And guess what else? Because of how out-raged and shame-filled we feel as a group, we get to perpetuate the choice of silence among survivors of sex crimes. We are not offering a loving and clear space for someone to come forth and release the pain of what was experienced in the session. Did it ever occur to any of us that maybe the survivor was embarrassed and wanted to stop the everlasting cycle violence by choosing to keep quiet?  This is something that I am unfortunately  familiar with and would greatly love to stop it from happening!)


But this is how fear/hate works. It gets us all riled up! And after that—after that “healthy” dose of anger and hate—that does that we  misidentify as being passion, by the way—-yes after that is gone, we feel helpless.

This fear/hate/helplessness then allows us to buy into the illusion that this is just the way things are! From this, we choose to feel either completely helpless or completely angry, and guess what? We do NOTHING!  This is how fear works!

It allows us to propagate hate so that we can completely buy into the illusion that we do not matter. I AM SO so so sooooooooooooooooooo OVER THIS!

  • Do we need to live under a rock or turn a blind eye? NOPE! We are all connected and a part of life together!
  • Is it wrong to be informed?  Knowledge is power.”  (Who said that?)

What I am lovingly suggesting is that we need to be responsible for what we let into our experience. Another factor is to acknowledge whether or not we are creating our lives from love or fear. When we stumble upon these ugly stories—maybe we have even been a part of these events— after we acknowledge/accept our outrage, pain, and anger, we can choose to look within our own hearts. From here, we get to see what actions or thoughts we have been engaging in that have no place in what we want to create with our “precious human life.”  (Another snippet of a Dalai Lama-ism that I wanted to paint its way into this post.)

This introspective approach of love and acceptance puts us in control of “being the change we want to see in the world.”  (I am not sure who said this but I know that I did not make it up!) If we are willing to create positive shifts and changes in our own life and in our own bodies, then I promise you—from the bottom of my own heart:  we can stop the atrocities from happening. I choose this method because it is far more productive/powerful for me to make an effort to take control of my own being and life experience by choosing love! This is effective and fun! (Far more so than it is to blame and manipulate other people in changing.)   The latter—the blame and manipulation part—never really works: at least not long-term. It is inauthentic. It is a huge giant energy septic tank.

Today, you can choose to get started today on being the change you want to see in world. After accepting and loving yourself,  you get to get in deep with who you are authentically. Choosing to work with me can really support you in doing this! Through a Soul Realignment Session with me, you can begin to embody to and align your soul’s purpose! This allows you to start making positive shifts and changes that are in your highest good and in the highest good of all!

Choose to make today the day that you reconnect with your inner wisdom, release what no serves you, and reclaim your life!

My name is Lauren. I am a Healer & Wellness Intuitive. It is my personal goal to support others in creating vibrant health and happiness in their lives! Contact me at to get started today! I would love to have a conversation with you about your healing journey! Much love to all of you!

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Wow Lauren, I so agree with you on this, and at the same time I do believe that media exposure of some of these horrific events does help to make change. The incident with the young woman in India for example, got a whole lot of women there to band together & demand that their government do something. Sometimes making people aware of certain things, helps to bring change, like in the treatment of animals, and our mental health problem in this country. Sometimes it does not help to remain in the dark, unaware of what is going on. I do agree that maybe we focus too much on the negative, and post way too much negative energy on Facebook, and other social media outlets, and I may be one of them. I too am very sensitive to what goes on around me, maybe too much so. I do believe though, that we should use more judgement before we post certain things. I love reading your blogs Lauren, and I love your total honesty to what you feel & believe. I learn so much. Thank you beautiful Lauren!! And most definitely, change begins with ourselves first!!! If we are too busy spreading/sharing negative energy, we will have no time to share love & positive energy!! ❤❤


Beautiful Neorah, I love your authenticity. You have beautiful and hugely expansive heart. I wrote this post to awaken the part of all of us that is dormant and stuck. I want us to move through the suffering together so that we can create differently! In regards to what is happening in India, this is suffering and tragedy at its finest. In this, I still uphold all of us as the Creators of our experience. Rape is one of the most tangible and grounded forms of dis-empowerment on our planet. To apply introspection to this particular tragedy and phenomenon, I am asking all of us to look at how we are choosing to dis-empower and invalidate ourselves. Is there someone or a circumstance in our lives that we feel victim to? If this is the case, it is time to accept the situation with love through seeing how our inner world is radiating these circumstances. From here, we are able to release ourselves from the issue through making new choices. I support people in doing this through my chosen profession!! :-) Love you so much and thank you so much for your comment!


After reading this blog I feel inspired to create a website called menchbook where people get to post about the things they do each day to make the world a better place. Even little things like carrying a neighbor’s groceries for them or giving somebody a ride home. Perhaps it’ll catch on and everybody will seek out positive changes to make everyday. Thanks Lauren! Love you!


Daniel, this is a wonderful idea and I fully support it! Let’s create it!


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