On Self-Love & Trust

July 22, 2013

danny_lauren_wineTrust is something that I have found seems to be a struggle that many of us endure each day.  When we do not trust, we create a limited version of what we want to create in our lives. Certainly, there may have been experiences in our past which have led us to choose not to trust. Through these questions it is really important to ask if these experiences are worth holding onto.

Yes, life is a series of experiences. In these experiences, we find meaning.  These experiences and the meanings that we give to them shape the way in which we view and interpret the world. This happens at the levels of culture, family, and our personal belief system.  Often times, the way in which we view the world does not serve us.

If we choose  not to trust, we succeed in holding ourselves back from experiencing the vibrant and fulfilling life that resides within our hearts. When we do not trust, we do not allow our light to shine. When we do not allow our light to shine, we create craving and resentment.  This craving and resentment is often targeted at other people.  We might believe that other people are the cause of our unhappiness. But really, at the crux of it–-it is not about other people. It is about us.

Yes, sometimes it is easy to believe that others are at fault for our lives not being exactly what we want. The sooner that we realize that the anger at that we have for other people is really the same anger that we have for ourselves, the sooner we are able to make new choices. But if we choose to self loath and beat ourselves up, we only highlighting and amplifying that we are right about not trusting ourselves and other people.  Our anger and lack of trust only supports us in not to taking action on what is important to us. This lack of trust in ourselves and others keeps us stuck in moving forward on having the vibrant, fulfilling, and loving life that we deserve!

What is productive about being right about that?!

What would it be like to wake up each morning committed to yourself and what you stand for in the world?

The truth is that the root of our trust issues lies within ourselves.  Every person and situation in our lives is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves.  Some of us are very disconnected from our true authentic selves. We might be trying too hard to be someone we are not. We might be trying too hard to make something work when it is clearly not working.  Our choices may be because we grew up learning not to quit or because we do not want to disappoint our loved ones.

Bottom line, whenever we make a choice out of obligation or sacrifice—or whenever make a choice because we feel like we are un-deserving or not enough, we are passively choosing to create more of the same kinds of situations which urge us to make these fear-based choices.  Often times, we are afraid to trust our inner voice because it is not something that has been done before. We do not have the internal data in our cellular memory to back up our choice to deviate from doing things as we have in the past.

These beliefs and patterns can manifest in our health, our relationships, our career, etc.  These circumstances are only able to change if we take the initiative to become aware of these patterns, accept ourselves as whole and complete, and take the necessary action to shift our circumstances. It take trust and it takes courage to do things differently.  It may not be comfortable, but moving forward in courage and authenticity comes a place of love.

This love is not the emotion of love. It is unconditional. It is pure acceptance. When we love ourselves, we are sending a powerful message to the Universe that says, “I am worthy! I trust myself!”  When we make choices from a place of love and trust, we get to create a win-win.

Love always works!

Right now, I urge you to look at your life.  If in your heart, you feel that you would like to experience your life from a place of love and trust for yourself, then it is up to you to make the first step.  I invite you to do that today through booking a free Healing Breakthrough Session with me.  In this time, you will have the opportunity for the following:

  • Creating clarity in your mind and heart
  • Releasing  limitation
  • Moving forward on your path with practical steps that are designed to support you

You can book your session here: https://www.timetrade.com/book/619Z1

But perhaps, you do not know if you love and trust yourself enough.  The best assessment is to look at your own life. If you are truly living your heart’s dream, then congratulations! But if you feel that there is something in your life that might be missing and if you are unsure of what that something is, you can always look within your own heart for the answers.  You may find that somewhere along the line, you chose not to trust yourself and others.  This lack of trust cannot create a vibrant and loving life. The best part about this is that the key to shifting your circumstances lies within your own heart.  You have the power to unlock it, and I can help you!

Be Loving Be Wise,


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Beautiful Lauren!!!! So true!!!


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