The Love Life Mirror Effect

October 18, 2013

There is a practice known as mirroring. Whenever we critically look at the circumstances of our lives and take the information that we find to make changes in our lives to get results that we love, we are looking in the mirror. Since I am an Intuitive Relationship Coach, Love Psychic, & Healer, I love working with people on taking a nice long look into their love life mirror.

What does your love life look like?  If you were to compare your love life to a date, what would it be? For the sake of example, would it be a file000460623282dance party with plenty of interesting characters to interact? A romantic evening by the fireplace with a bottle of wine? Would you describe it as comfortable— maybe it is the predictable dinner and movie? (In the case of dinner and a movie, do you even enjoy the meal and the show?)  Is it a day at the amusement park with good fried food, fun, a bit of nausea, and a lot of ups and down? Or is it the blind date that you so desperately want to leave without hurting the other person’s feelings?

What is the person you are on these dates with like? Are they interesting and intelligent with plenty of wit to contribute? Are they good listeners who ask insightful questions? Are they warm and engaging?  Or do you feel like you are on a date with someone who reminds you a lot of a critical elementary school teacher? Maybe this person even says and does all of the right things and looks a certain way but for whatever reason you find yourself hitting a wall…

Well, guess what?

Our opinions of other people shed light on how we feel about ourselves. Yes, underneath all of the flaws and annoyances and even the quirks that make our hearts flutter and give us bedroom eyes—-ALL OF THIS is great information into how we see ourselves.

So think back to how you view the people in your love life and the quality of your love life. If we are hyper-critical of ourselves, we are going to be hyper-critical of other people. And since the Universe gives us everything we put our energy and attention toward, this pattern of criticism may very well translate to us dating people who give us plenty to criticize! This might express itself by giving us dating projects—you know the hot guy who still acts like he is in college—or leave us rolling our eyes at the quality of people we attract into our lives that leaves us asking ourselves, “seriously where do I find these clowns?” Weeellll….maybe we attract these types of people to feel better about ourselves. (That is just one inference…)

Or maybe this person—your date—is a flake. For that, I challenge you to look harder at yourself in the mirror. What are you putting off in your own life? Are you taking action in your new fitness routine? Are your bills paid?  OR maybe it is the other way around. Maybe we end up being the flaky people…To this, I ask: what are we avoiding? How would our lives change if we really looked in the mirror and took action on what we found? What would we have to give or give up for us to get the results that we really wanted?

 The Love Life Mirror offers great insight into how we view ourselves and how we choose to engage with the world. Yes, the results you have in your life are really all about you and the choices and decisions that you are making and taking action on in your day-to-day.

And thankfully it is all about us! Why?  Because it is a total energy drain to control other people.  It does not work and it causes us to lose integrity. Equally as draining is trying to please other people. The only things in life that we have immediate control over are our decisions and how we choose to react to anything.

Will you stay stuck or will you move forward?

As you look in the Love Life Mirror, choose to really see yourself right now. See yourself through the lens of what you are attracting in life relationship-wise. And now, if you really want to explore this at a deeper level: I invite you to schedule a Love Life Makeover Session with me. During this session, we will both get in deep about your love life. By the end of the call, it is my intention that you feel centered in practical action steps that you can take to give your love life a complete makeover!


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