Who is your Wise Sage?

March 10, 2013


Every single one of us has our own personal Wise Sage. This is our inner wisdom. This is the voice and teacher that lives within us! When we are connected with our Wise Sage, we are able to make decisions that are grounded in love! This manifestation of love allows us to reclaim our lives!

Some of us are connected with our Wise Sage, but many of us are not. We may make decisions that are grounded in fear or we trick ourselves into believing that we are not good enough to follow our dreams or create our life according to our heart’s vision. But when we are connected to our Wise Sage, listen to our heart’s wisdom, and take action on this wisdom, we are able to make decisions that align to the consequences we desire.

Bottom line: your Wise Sage is here, with you, and WAITING to help you manifest love and reclaim your life! To create a connection with your Wise Sage, your first step is to decide that would like to create this connection.

So, I want to ask you: how would your life be different if you listened to your Wise Sage?

Would you create a loving relationship by manifesting a new one or building upon your current one?

How would you restore your own self worth by making choices that are grounded in love?

Would your body change in a way that would be pleasing to you?

Would you take action on something that you have been putting off?

How could your Wise Sage help you in taking action on your dreams?

Simply put: our Wise Sage, our inner teacher, is our soul’s wisdom. Our Wise Sage is the Spiritual Teacher in us that supports us in making decisions that are in alignment with our soul’s purpose. When we follow the wisdom of our Wise Sage, we are able to watch magic unfold all around us!

You can get started on connecting with your Wise Sage today by emailing me at lauren@beelovingbeewise.com to set up your Soul Realignment session! Check out my service options on how to get started today!

When we connect with our Wise Sage, we are able to heal and cultivate love within us that will then extend outside of us. This allows us to cultivate LOVE inside of us. This powerful combination allows us to manifest our desired circumstances from a place of love and wisdom!

From my personal experience, one consequence of me connecting with my Wise Sage manifested in me loving and trusting myself enough to make decisions without being as affected by the opinions of others. See, I am a “sensitive” person. Now, I recognize this as a beautiful manifestation of how my intuition/psychic ability works. But before, I would find myself completely caught up in the emotional energy of other people! This allowed me to easily be swept up into other people’s drama. From this, I did not address my own needs and “problems” and I was running around trying to fix everything for everyone else. I was totally putting myself last! These were not decisions that we grounded in love as I was not loving myself.

I subconsciously believed that others were more important than me. In doing this, I added to this subconscious belief that I was not good enough. This manifested in me doubting myself a lot. Whenever something great would manifest in my life—whether it was in the form of inspiration or something tangible, I would tell the people in my life. Sometimes my news was not received in the best way. Whether they said it with words, I could immediately sense their fear. When this happened, I would either go into beating myself up for making a decision that was “stupid” and/or I would resent the other person for doubting my choices!

And now after connecting with my Wise Sage, I see that I manifested the reaction of my loved ones. How did I do this? Well, I shared the news with them because I had a need to be acknowledged, validated, and praised for my decision. (This is pretty embarrassing to admit, I know!) In short, I was searching for validation OUTSIDE myself because I had not fully embraced and accepted my decision within my heart. So by going into this situation with a  lack of confidence and trust in my decision or choice, I manifested the people through whom I shared with to MIRROR back to me my own fears and insecurities!

Another consequence of connecting with my Wise Sage has allowed me the insight that even if I can sense what others may be feeling, it is totally their choice to feel that way and get this: I am not responsible for another person’s experience or how they choose to feel!  Of course, I respond to the other person with love and compassion with the realization that I have given them an opportunity to voice their own limitations and fears. From this, I practice gratitude in that another person’s fears allow me to tap into and address my own and move forward with my Wise Sage at my side.

I also used to get resentful when the support I was giving other people was not reciprocated. Now, I realize that it is because that I thought that the people in my life would “sense” as I usually did when something was wrong or when I needed emotional support. Rarely did it ever happen and sometimes I found myself saddened and resentful of this. I thought that I did not matter. But now, after connecting with my Wise Sage, I see that part of my contribution to the world is to love people. Not everyone is as attuned to other people’s emotions, and I have realized that it supports me to authentically acknowledge what I need and to fill it within myself. Sometimes, I may choose to ask my amazing husband for emotional support whereas before, I would just wallow in my resentment and victimhood! (And seriously, that was not at all attractive to him or any fun for me!)

Connecting with my Wise Sage has also shed light into my innate understanding of choice and consequence. It is not only the actions we take, but the motivation of what is behind the action. See, each circumstance in our lives is the consequence of choice that we made to lead to that circumstance. At one point in my life, I remember wondering how things in my life kept “happening to me.” I thought I had “bad luck.” And because I totally, believed that, I always began to prepare myself emotionally for the absolute worst thing that I could imagine happening to me. And you know what? I got to be right! And you know what else? I had a health scare and my relationships were in turmoil. Now, I know I accept that I created those circumstances because of the heavy energy I was putting into my choices!

We have all heard that saying, “bad things happen to good people.” Well, now as I type this, I am convinced that this idiotic saying was put into our consciousness to allow us to accept that we are less than extraordinary and that we are completely alone and that there is nothing we can do to shift our circumstances! THIS IS AN ILLUSION and oppression at its finest!

Through connecting with our Wise Sage, we then have an ability to make decisions and choices that align to the circumstances that we desire. What is really great about this is that some people—people who would not consider themselves “spiritual,” are already connected to their Wise Sage. This connection—their ability to make wise choices—has allowed these folks to manifest wonderful life circumstances! In my opinion, they are connected at the subconscious level!

That is another thing. See many of the choices that we make are made subconsciously. We also may find ourselves taking action based on it “being the right thing to do.” This is an action grounded in obedience and obligation! And that creates more instances for us to martyr ourselves and have lives that really do not fulfill us. Or we make choices in the way that it has been taught to us by our caretakers or people we admire. Many of our decisions and choices are NOT authentic to who we are and are NOT aligned with our Wise Sage at the conscious OR subconscious level!

Through creating a conscious connection with your Wise Sage, we are more inclined toward making decisions that will render the consequences/circumstances that we desire!!!

So get in deep with yourself here…Which part of your life does not reflect love?

Has this lack of love manifested in unhealthy choices that have resulted in unhealthy circumstances?

Has this lack of love allowed you to stay in an abusive relationship because you believe that you either cannot do any better OR that the other person needs you to stay with him/her?

Has this lack of love allowed you to put other people before yourself which has led to the circumstance of you feeling depleted and resentful?

Whatever it is, you can start the connection to your Wise Sage by getting in touch with your your inner dream.

What have you always wanted for yourself that you have not seemed to create in your life yet?

How would having love and wisdom allow you to make choices aligned to your dream?

Sometimes when we pinpoint what it is that we really want in our lives, it is our Wise Sage’s way of gently nudging us to taking action on manifesting our dreams. If you feel stuck by any of these questions, and would like to find the answers, you can take action today is through scheduling a Soul Realignment Session with me!

During a Soul Realignment Session, you will meet on the phone at a designated time. I will record the conversation and send you a copy of the session to your email address. During an initial Soul Realignment session, you will connect with your Wise Sage through learning your soul’s purpose. This allows you to gain insight into the skills, talents, and energies for which you are the most naturally successful and abundant. In the same session, we will shed light on the choices that you are currently making that are resulting in circumstance (consequences) that are not pleasing to you. Often these choices are made in a past life but they are still creeping up into your current life. The acute awareness of the initial choice offered to you through a Soul Realignment session allows you the conscious awareness of making a new choice. You may also be making choices that result in your ego telling you that you are totally ok with not having what it is you really desire most in your life!

As a Love Psychic and Healer and Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, I will uncover the underlying cause of the choices that you are making through accessing your Akashic Record to support you in uncovering and restoring the choices and options available to you in making new choices!

So again: how can connecting with your Wise Sage serve you in your life? 

Unleash your Wise Sage and begin reclaiming your life today! Contact me at lauren@beelovingbeewise to schedule your appointment. 

*Currently, I am accepting appointments for the week of March 25th. I work with clients Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. If these days do not work for you, I am accepting clients on two designated Sundays a month for an additional convenience fee of $150. (Choosing this option would make an initial Soul Realignment Healing Session $350 instead of $200.)

Check out my services page to support you in choosing which options are best for you! You may also contact me at lauren@beelovingbeewise to set up a free consultation. 

Again thank you! And may love and wisdom be with you!



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