Wise Sage Reconnection Program

April 25, 2013

As Healer and Psychic of my own company, Bee Loving Bee Wise, spiritual development is one my very favorite subjects! Through choosing to be a professional healer and psychic, I get to IMPLEMENT what I know about spiritual development in my life AND I get to support others in doing the same!  Right now, I am offering a course called The Wise Sage Reconnection Program. This course is is a common sense approach to healing with love and reconnecting with your inner wisdom. Offering you the possibility of participating in the The Wise Sage Reconnection Program is an action I am taking further my mission of supporting other people in creating vibrant health and happiness in their lives!

My journey to self- healing began when my life plan of joining of the Peace Corps completely fell through. I remember feeling numb when faced with the prospect of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life or how I would even move forward with my life.  I was the furthest thing away from happy, but in the moment, I needed to tend to something that was taking priority: my physical body.

See, Peace Corps had “fallen through” because I had not passed the medical clearance. Instead, I had manifested what the doctors referred to as very serious and nearly cancerous cells in my body. Before I knew it, my dream was down the toilet and I was scheduled for surgery.

That was when things changed.

A dear friend of mine suggested that I go to a lady she knew for energy healing. She explained it to me gently, but really: it was her way-of-being and the possibility of something that might help me feel better that urged me to take her up on her suggestion. The next thing I knew, my life had changed.

It was not a dramatic turn of events.—Not really at least, but this lady: someone who later  became one of dearest friends and most influencial spiritual teachers—asked me the most dis-arming and thought-provoking questions. These questions allowed me to RECONNECT with my inner wisdom! These questions allowed me to RELEASE what was no longer serving me.

These questions totally got my ass in gear!

The next day, I cancelled my surgery. A possibility of healing in another way had opened up for me. I realized that I was not in the best state-of-mind to have surgery and after talking to my doctor more, I realized that my life was not 100% in danger by my choice of “prolonging the inevitable.” (The last few words were in quotes to emphasis that these were the words of the renowned doctor who told me this when I became his patient and discussed my options of cancelling a surgery that I had initially scheduled to prevent the spread of cancer in my body.)

And guess what? Those abnormal cells went away and have not been in my life ever since!

Now, I am so incredibly grateful for this experience, because although I never joined the Peace Corps, I re-united with the most authentic part of myself: my inner wisdom. Re-uniting with this part of myself—with my own personal Wise Sage—allowed me to make choices that were more in alignment with my intentions. If I wanted to create health in my body, then it would start by making some simple adjustments. During this time in my life, I found myself beginning a yoga practice, quitting smoking, limiting drinking, and taking on a vegetarian diet. (Just for the record, I am no longer veggie: a decision that came from inner wisdom too!) These choices worked for me and I gradually began to experience the loving effects of self-healing within my physical and emotional bodies.

It has been three years since I began my journey of healing and spiritual development. I have participated in transformational workshops and I have obtained a few certifications. And now—three years later: I am enjoying vibrant health and happiness in my life!  I no longer have asthma, allergies, or depression!  I am in a committed and passionate relationship with another amazing person—-and even better yet: I am living my dream of helping people!! I may not be in Peace Corps but I am supporting people in a way that totally expresses my creative talents an gifts—and it is always on my terms!

As a Healer & Psychic of my company, Bee Loving Bee Wise, I get to work with people from all over the world in creating vibrant health and happiness in their lives through connecting with their inner wisdom and healing with love!

And now, I choose to support you on your path of personal and spiritual development by offering you an opportunity to connect with your own personal Wise Sage! Within The Wise Sage Reconnection Program, you have a huge possibility of gaining the following:

  • trusting your intuition—when we do this, we get to make decisions that are most in alignment with what we want to create
  • setting intentions—this supports us in accomplishing our goals
  • self-awareness—this is the gateway to healing and creating our lives the way we want
  • taking strides on creating vibrant health and happiness—at all levels of being
  • taking charge of your life
  • being yourself

The structure of the class is such that is begins on Saturday, May 11th. On this day and every Saturday for the next four weeks (so five Saturdays all together,) I will send course materials to your email address. Each lesson will build upon the next. Then, for the next five Wednesdays, starting on the  Wednesday, May 15th, 2013—AFTER  the first lesson , we will have a live question-answer/mentoring teleconference that are led by me and fueled by your questions and experiences regarding the material and spiritual development. These calls will take place at 8:30 PM EST.

Here is a schedule of events:

Week 1

Saturday May 11th– Lesson 1 Content and Workbook Exercises Delivered

Wednesday May 15nd – Lesson 1 Tele-conference Discussion of Lesson 1

Week 2

Saturday May 18th– Lesson 2 Content and Workbook Exercises Delivered

Wednesday May 22nd – Lesson 2 Tele-conference Discussion of Lesson 2

Week 3

Saturday May 25th– Lesson 3 Content and Workbook Exercises Delivered

Wednesday May 28nd – Lesson 3 Tele-conference Discussion of Lesson 3

Week 4

Saturday June 1st– Lesson 4 Content and Workbook Exercises Delivered

Wednesday June 5th – Lesson 4 Tele-conference Discussion of Lesson 4

Week 5

Saturday June 8th- Lesson 5 Content and Workbook Exercises Delivered

Wednesday June 12- Lesson 5 Tele-conference Discussion of Lesson 5

If you are not able to be live on the call, that is ok! I am recording each teleconference and sending it to your email after each class.  If you are not able to make it to the class, you are welcome to email to ask your question and I will answer it during our phone call.

Your investment for The Wise Sage Reconnection Program is only $120. This include five lessons, five question-answer/mentoring tele-conferences, and the possibility of you creating vibrant health and happiness in your life!

Love and blessings to all of you! See you in class!


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